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  1. the point is, why leave your money to the government when you can leave it to your family?
  2. neeeeeeeeeek> lol it does make you wonder.scared me into making a will anyway haha
  3. yea that's what I thought, but owning a house could make that tricky, i had no idea all that was added into it!
  4. I just got the biggest shock of my life...my father recently passed away, and as my mother has been dead for many years this left all the legal stuff for his will up to me. After loosing a ridiculous amount of this to inheritance tax, I decided to look into it myself...and tried a tax calculator... http://surewill.co.uk/inheritance_tax_calculator give it a shot,how does the government get away with this??crazy!
  5. I was looking at the inheritance tax calculator at http://www.surewill.co.uk/inheritance_tax_calculator and it turns out that when my folks are 'no more' so to speak, I'll have to pay around £45k of inheritance tax! Most of that is because of the house, which is only a modest semi-d. With house prices going up every year, I was just wondering how many other people are in a similar situation. The website talks about avoiding the tax, can anyone shed some light on how I might go about doing that? Thanks!
  6. Someone should make a website allowing users to follow a quiz asking questions on their views on various bits of policy. At the end all the parties would be ranked in order of how many policies the user agrees with, with details on voting records and so on. Apparently they did it in the Netherlands last year and lots of smaller parties ended up getting elected - I can't remember the link though.
  7. Did anyone see the footage they released as 'proof' the plane went into the pentagon a couple of months ago? It was exactly the same as the footage we'd all seen before!!! Yet none of the media seemed to notice
  8. I'm 5'10 - a giant! (but only in China)
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