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  1. Boroughgal MrH Technophobe ... just a few more names I remember. Anyone still have the Sheffield Forum t-shirt - printed to commemorate reaching 10k members if I remember right? ---------- Post added 15-10-2016 at 02:33 ---------- Oh I was Hels btw, changed to bonny
  2. My 'kid' got a bike for Christmas and it was his main present, he loves it.
  3. We now have two AED's located in Todwick village. The first one was bought by the Parish Council and is located in an external cabinet (provided by YAS) on the wall of the village hall. The village hall is fairly centrally situated in the village so was a good place to start. The old pavilion on the recreation ground has recently been extended/refurbished and another AED was purchased along with an external cabinet so it's ideally situated for the football players (as well as the bowling club further up and the cricketers). As with all things, the hope is that you'll never need one but if it is needed then the more accessible it is the more likely it will be to have a positive outcome. They're not 'cheap' purchases but when you think about saving just one life - then they're worth every penny. I'd encourage every area to have one if they can, I know in one village (Firbeck I think) the community raised funds to purchase one and it's on the external wall of the local pub. I've trained in how to use them and that was really good training by YAS.
  4. Most rational people would agree that someone who is able and capable of working full time should do so if there are positions available for them. Unfortunately what this Government is doing is not about that. They are making people who are unfit and unable to work apply for jobs which they cannot do and which they'll never get because no right minded employer would give them a job they can't do. Employers who are receiving hundreds of cv's and applications from people who in no way match the criteria or skills they are looking for should be having a go at the Government for wasting their time. That is if any of these 'jobs' are even real. If I were looking for someone to say, work 37hrs a week stacking shelves and making sure things were in the right order, i'd probably want someone who was a) strong enough to put things on shelves and b) fit enough to work 37 hrs a week without having a heart-attack or without being so ill they're off work after the first week and c) have eyesight good enough to be able to see what they're doing. But getting people applying for a job who are so ill they can't even work 5 hours a week, who have repeated heart-attacks and who are virtually blind - well I wouldn't employ them, would you? Yet people like this and people a lot worse are found 'fit to work' so can't claim sickness benefit but they can't actually work so then they are stopped from getting JSA too... they are living off NOTHING. They are committing suicide in huge numbers, they are not scroungers.
  5. Does anyone know if it is illegal to take a photo on your phone inside a Jobcentre? Also does anyone know if it is a 'Jobcentre' why people are not allowed to spend any time in it to look for jobs?
  6. They're making a right mess of it. Someone complained to them yesterday about the changes and they said nothing is set in stone yet.... but are they prepared to make any changes to make improvements in the services that people have asked for? When you live in a village with no local shop or post office and they're taking off the only bus which gives you a direct link to the nearest proper shopping centre they say they won't change the planned new route to divert one of the four buses an hour through our village because it will make the time table too complicated...
  7. Just because someone is a 'pensioner' doesn't mean they contributed in the past - some will have worked all their lives, some for part of their lives and others for none or very little. This Government refers to anyone under retirement age who is unfortunate enough to be unemployed, sick and unable to work as 'scroungers' when many of them are anything but. Also, those lucky enough to have a good job these days are having to work harder and often under huge amounts of stress just to keep a roof over their heads. There may be many in 'cushy' little numbers but then there always has been, but there are many more who are not.
  8. Went that way into Sheffield today and it is very bright when one particular 'screen' is showing - bright pink background. It changed to another 'screen' and that one wasn't oo bad. So, I guess it depends which one is showing as you drive past it as to how much the glare distracts.
  9. If it's going on and off intermittently it may not be a fault with the fridge but the wiring. We had the same problem when we first moved into this place and found out the wiring in the loft was a total fire hazard and it was this that caused the plug socket to go on and off resulting in the fridge going on and off.
  10. Go to his bank (if you know which one it is) and ask them for details of all payments. If he was paying regularly into any savings or insurance they will have the details. Explain your circumstances and take any relevant paperwork (death certificate) and evidence of who you are and they should be able to help you if they can.
  11. Totally agree, no political party seems to be acting in the best interests of anyone other than themselves. There doesn't seem to be a viable alternative at the moment.
  12. I know someone who was declared 'fit to work' after an ATOS interview so their benefit was stopped. They can't claim JSA because the Doctor has signed them off sick for 6 months, so they can't get anything because to get JSA they have to be 'fit for work' which they're not Because they can't work (they are practically housebound) and they can't sign on, they have literally nothing, no money at all and don't even get their NI contributions credited which will mean that it will have an impact on their pension in a few years (they only have two years before they're due their pension). This person has worked 30+ years and paid their taxes etc but now when they need help they can't get it. The people going on about 'scroungers' etc need to consider what would happen to them if they are sick and become disabled. It can happen to anyone and even though people have savings etc, they don't last forever...
  13. I got my first appointment in October last year. Saw consultant & went for Bloods and MRI, didn't have to wait too long for the MRI, just a couple of weeks. Eventually got a follow up appointment with Consultant at the beginning of March and sent for more bloods and a CT scan. Had the CT scan the following day. Not heard anything since. This is all following a head injury in August last year that's left me with double vision meaning I can't drive. I guess they're just exceptionally busy and prioritising the most urgent cases.
  14. Table Top Sale Tomorrow Todwick Village Hall, Kiveton Lane, Todwick, S26 1HJ
  15. Just a quick reminder about the Table Top Sale tomorrow, please come along and have a look! Free entry Todwick Village Hall, Kiveton Lane, Todwick, S26 1HJ
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