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  1. If you are XP or Vista you can use their Movie maker programme.You can add almost anything you want to your presentation.
  2. I will look up the photo & try to put it on the forum.
  3. Can anyone remember a Bernard Wragg.I think he must have been a featherweight or some such weight. I have a photo of him wearing the Lonsdale belt.He was a relative of my wife. He was killed on the ship taking him out to the middle east during the second world war.
  4. A couple of Friends & I went on our first walk in Derbyshire yesterday 10-04-08 & thoroughly enjoyed it.We walked through the parks to Wire mill dam then up Porter Clough & then over to Stanage Edge.Ate our sandwiches then went over to Moscar Lodge, up the lane & over to Lower Bradfield ending in the Plough & had a couple of pints of Bradfield beer.Great.
  5. A young lad went to Sunday School for the first time. When he came home his mother asked him what he thought of the lesson & if he had learned anything.I sure have he said & I am going to be the most evil person in the world.Why do you say that she asked? Because Jesus was the best person in the world & look what they did to him.(Taken from the Dalesman)
  6. I have been loosing my broadband internet connection every night now for the last week at about 9 P. M. Anyone else had the same sort of thong happen?I am in S12.
  7. You can download drivers for your printer & scanner with no problems if you go onto the relevant web pages for your printer and scanner.
  8. Sea breezes lane, Richmond area Sheffield.
  9. No don`t know anyone on that photo.Just a bit before my time but I will show it too my brother who is a little older than me.He also went to Burngreave. I left in 1952.
  10. I knew Beryl Pass didn`t she live on Brunswick Rd. near Kilton Hill near to Pete Ellison.?I also remember Mr. Brownhill,he was a good layer oner of the cane.Ouch.
  11. I hated every minute I was there & the happiest day was when I left.Couldn`t play wag or my mother would have killed me.
  12. I have Vista home premium & it came with that on.
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