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  1. Charnock Hall Primary starting at 10:30 today.
  2. Yes we had our alarm on. They broke the locks(anti snap locks!!) on the patio doors and took what they could reach which wasn't all that much all while the alarm was going off.
  3. My little boy is still at Fairmount Hackenthorpe too. Both my children have gone there and they both have loved it. My little boy would go every day if he could. The staff are lovely, the cooked lunches are great and the way both children came on in leap and bounds was more than we expected.
  4. You can start your jsa claim on line. Your 1st appointment will then be sent to you for approx 3 - 4 days later. However it then takes a further 14 working days to process the claim. You cannot make the claim until you actually finish your employment. Your payments, if you qualify for jsa will be made after the 14 days and will be back dated to the date you started the claim. As for CTC's, you will need to contact the tax credits helpline after 5th April. That is when there software will have updated to the new tax year. I think you will find that you will then be entitled to take credits based on £nil earnings until you get another job.
  5. It has a new sponsor and is called the motorpoint arena.
  6. If she was entitled to anything she would have been made aware. Your friends mother would not have been able to sell the house without her knowing if your friend had any entitlement.
  7. Looking to book a break away for the school hols and will be choosing a haven holiday or similar this year. Anyone have any recommendations for caravan parks or even just a nice holiday resort so I can google caravan parks in that area. We have a 5yr old and a 2yr old who'll need entertaining if weather is not good.
  8. It is £4 to see Santa in Peaks. The gift wasn't too bad. Photo is £5 extra but you don't have to buy it.
  9. Can someone please change the name of the thread to Allende Way as this was where we left the car.
  10. Parked my car there tonight along with many others to go to After Dark when we got back around 9:30 we were the only car left and the front windscreen was completely smashed. Just wondering if anybody saw anything? We can't work out if it was a firework or a brick. Don't expect to find out who did it but would like to know how it happened.
  11. Fairmount have always charged extra for lunch but you can send them with a packed lunch if you wish.
  12. Glad to help. We also viewed Kidz at Work. I liked it for the layout and it was very clean, but hubby hated the place. Like you say very clinical. Neither of us felt relaxed there. Fairmount is loads cheaper than most we have looked at but I can assure you we only ever received good service. What suits one person doesn't always suit another so I say go have another look around with an open mind and go with your own instinct. Joanne
  13. Fairmount was the third nursery my daughter attended. After 2 which were a disgrace we thought his place was fantastic. On our first visit I didn't like it as the room my daughter was to be in looked a little scruffy. We visited 4 more times before deciding and each time it looked completely different. The children were always happy and the staff very friendly. My daughter used to jump out of bed in a morning as soon as she heard me get up and never wanted to leave when I went to collect her. She's just left there to start school but she's already asking when she can go back to visit. The cooked lunches are delivered and look lovely. My daughters sheet always said "ate all + extra". In fact she used to get upset if she wasn't there for her lunch as sometimes she only did the afternoon session. Sorry to go on so much but I think it's really important to choose the right nursery. I have a boy who is 12 months old and he's been a few times too but at the moment we don't need childcare for him. When we do we will definatley be using Fairmount again. The few times he went he came back happy with a clean nappy. Another nursery I used, my daughters nappy would be between her knees before they changed it. She always had nappy rash!! My husband was very impressed overall with the nursery too and it takes a lot for him to be happy when other people are looking after his "princess"!! Hope this helps
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