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  1. Interesting tweet from his comms team! 😮 https://mobile.twitter.com/jaredomaramp/status/1153742493034438656
  2. No need for IB to study abroad, A levels a means to an end which for many is university. No need either for a particularly broad curriculum post 16 to open many doors post 18.
  3. This makes me really angry. As a lifelong labour voter and Hallam resident for 20 years I was over the moon when labour won here and was delighted for Omara. I reckon labour didn’t think he had a chance and maybe didn’t vet his past as closely as they should. He has done the square root of **** all for this constituency and the sooner he does the decent thing the better. Is there no mechanism to oust him? Petition? Online campaign? Does he hold surgeries at all, has anyone a good word to say about him?
  4. Actually still a bit pants today, think it might be spec of PC. Can’t add any more RAM according to crucial tool and chrome does chug away quite sluggish.
  5. Thanks, I figured that could be the issue. PC bought as a low power almost always on music server. Have 2 ethernet cables and they are under the floorboards and inaccessible, one is for printer and one for the desktop. About the last 2 metres of them both is coiled together. Just uncoiled and swapped the cables over now getting 37 on https://broadbandtest.which.co.uk/ what gives? Surely not interference?
  6. On Plus net FTTC but use BTsmart hub 6. iPad getting 60-70 Mbps and other laptops all good. Desktop which has a 20-25m ethernet cable connect getting less than 4 Mbps. Desktop isn't the sharpest but has a clean install of Windows 7 and is mainly used as a music server. INTEL Atom CPU 230 @1.60 Ghz 2.00GB RAM Any thoughts or ideas to try appreciated!
  7. Between bradfield road and banforth street, hope nothing serious
  8. Something going on, spacepad van there yesterday, skip being filled also.
  9. Saw some bags of what looked like sand or aggregate being unloaded yesterday when driving past.
  10. Same, Lodge Moor, not good enough with how much first class postage costs. Later in the day roads were fine with no snow forecast.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katrien_Meire https://talksport.com/football/charlton-athletic-fans-have-their-say-katrien-meires-talksport-interview-disappointed-and
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