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  1. Or can try these: https://www.shawsironmongers.co.uk/
  2. If you're still struggling to donate the dog food and if you're based in Sheffield and the charity is too then send me a pm and I can pick up (from outside/doorstep at arranged time in a covid secure way etc) and drop off to them as soon as next week if that helps.
  3. Doubt any of the above will happen. Feel free to practice your breaststroke etc though.
  4. A quick google search of Lewis, Anthony and Raheem giving to charity comes up with them all donating to different causes and being ambassadors in certain cases ( I can't recall them talking about it) and Marcus Rashford made a stand recently for kids of any colour. I suppose I'm one of the socialist committee
  5. Is this place still operating? Tragic if it is, it should be shut down.
  6. Abbeydale Brewery will deliver mini kegs, see their website for details.
  7. Can't you do this via your pc/laptop or tablet etc. I can on mine and it goes to night mode at your specified time.
  8. If you can pick them up then Richardsons DIY in Firth Park might have some that you should be able to take for free. Address and phone number in link below. https://en-gb.facebook.com/Richardsons-diy-1471994879762127/
  9. Try Richardsons DIY in Firth Park, they should be able to help. Link below. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=richardsons+diy+firth+park&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB768GB768&oq=richardsons+firth&aqs=chrome.3.0j69i57j0l2.8164j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  10. Well done Jess, well deserved. Doing Sheffield proud unlike some!
  11. Coming from you 2 relative newbies above I wonder who's trolling - look forward to your next usernames
  12. Has the fuel/2 stroke mixture been left in the saw tank for a while because if so this can cause problems in terms of machine operating properly (has done for me previously anyway). Maybe try draining out any old fuel, leave it a while and put a fresh mixture in.
  13. There are no excuses but didn't David Simon try to cover/explain why in The Wire series or The House I Live In - both good to see how problematic the issue is in Baltimore to address.
  14. Dropped a friend off to Manchester airport for 10.30am yesterday (29th) and snake pass was fine, just odd section of slight snow/ice covering the road (nothing too serious) but took it easy and did journey in good time due to lack of traffic. I presume it's still open as not had any snow forecast but be wary of ice.
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