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  1. I have mine done in the Lower Ground of Castle Market Building. They are the best i have ever had done and won't go anywhere else. They make the tips themselves as they are doing your nails so not using pre-made ones which don't always fit! Trust me, if you try there you won't go anywhere else!
  2. Definately puts a different perspective on things. I do have great memories, in all i had a great time and experience.
  3. Yes i am. I am aware that is probably why i got the reaction i did. I know alot of African people and they are all the same, don't seem stressed at all and enjoy each day as best they can as if they don't have a worry in the world.
  4. Definately! Some of them welcomed me like i was a long lost friend! Terrific people and my heart goes out to them!
  5. I started a thread a few months ago about opinions of people who had been to Nigeria: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=323621 Well, i have been and i survived!! I got married on Monday 16th June and the day was lovely. The country is a total different world! The roads are horrendous and look like sand. The drainage is barely existing and so floods the roads when it rains. I tried to prepare myself for my trip but i have come back with memories that will stay with me forever. Small children trying to sell you things at the side of the dual carriageway in traffic jams. Legless men walking on their hands between moving cars for money. People being whipped and beaten whilst fighting to buy kerosine. I have never seen so many people in 1 place before, and the reaction i got was like i was a millionaire and everyone trying to sell me things. Very sad sights i saw, especially when young lads are wearing ASDA and Argos t-shirts like they are a fashion label. Oh god, and the power sitution is horrendous. Don't think the natural electric stayed on for more than 30 mins at a time! Just wanted to update as a few people asked me to. I have come back and even more appreciative than i was before, of everything i have. Must say though, that the people are lovely!!
  6. Hi All, I need to help my Auntie find her brother. She hasn't seen him for many years and doesn't know his address. The info i have is: Keith Cooke 57 Years Old Last known living in Shiregreen. My auntie is called Lesley. If anyone knows him could you please let me know. Thanks
  7. Thankyou i will do and i am hoping it all goes well. I have got my witts about me so i should be ok plus i will always be with a native who knows the area very well. No chance of staying in Yorkshire, as the ball is rolling now I appreciate all your comments as it is good to know what i might experience.
  8. Thankyou all for your replies. I will take each one into account and shall research the recommended places. I think the palace is a place i would like to visit as he has spoken to me about this. Yes i am a proud White Yorkshire girl! The reason he left Nigeria was because he wanted to see more of the world and has been to many countries, Usa, Canada, Europe etc.
  9. This reply worries me. Why do you feel that people wouldn't want to go there?
  10. Good Evening all. I will be getting married in May in Nigeria as my Husband to be is originally from there and marriage in the sun seem a lovely idea I wanted to make the most of my trip there and wondered if there was anywhere nice to see or visit whilst i was there. I know he can show me things and places but he is from there so some things might not be 'visiting' type places to him, which might be to someone who hasn't been before. I will be arriving into Lagos but staying in Benin City (not Benin). Any recommendations please? Thanks
  11. That is the question i keep asking myself too. Unfortunately, without associating with these fools i shall never know.
  12. We live on Abbeydale Road and it it horrendous. During the day it is not that bad as the road is quite busy and can be queueing traffic but at night time from approx 10pm - 3am it is awful and the idiots even attempt to do a 180 and 360 degree turns whilst driving at these erratic speeds.
  13. I was once on tablets to relax my anxiety and they really worked..... i was walking down the stairs, proceeded to fall from halfway down, tripped over the rug in the hall way, got up, straightened the rug and apologised to it.! My family watching in the living room thougth this was hillarious rather than seeing if I was ok! ha
  14. I think there is a place at the bottom of the moor on the road that links the bottom of the moor to Eyre Street. It is next to a restaurant which i think is called 'Shapla'. I recall seeing it on the bus every morning when going to work.
  15. Hi All, I am wanting a wedding dress shop that will sell dresses to fit a size 22. Do all shops cater for this size? Would buy online but don't have the time if adjustments were needed. Any help appreciated please. Thanks
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