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  1. Can I ask whereabouts Britannia Road is please, and does anyone know any history on the library please. Thanks
  2. Do you know if you can pull off reports specific to one surname?
  3. Have you tried the free family history programme that's available as a download from the Mormon site, Latter Day Saints? I use it and it produces some excellent reports
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies regarding Jeffcocks in Sheffield. I have a lot about the Jeffcock who ran the fishing coaches. I also have a lot of info on his family going back in time. I would love to know more though about the Harold Jeffcock who managed the Attercliffe Palais de Danse above Websters Furniture. Thanks
  5. I'd be interested to know if anyone remembers the Attercliffe Palais de Danse, the old Roller Skating rink on Attercliffe. I'd be interested to know your memories on the place please. A rellie of mine Harold Jeffcock, was the manager there for a time I am told, don't know if anyone remembers him. If I am right the skating rink was above Websters Furniture? Thanks
  6. There is a lot of history with the Jeffcock name and the Park Hill/Duke Street area of Sheffield going back as far as I can trace to the 1841 census of Sheffield. I wonder if this lad from the Park Hill area was anything to do with these. They were publicans.
  7. My brain hurts now and I think I have just about exhausted every avenue on researching the name Jeffcock in Sheffield. I know William Jeffcock was the first Mayor of Sheffield but I would love to know more about the family who originated from the Handsworth area of Sheffield. Can anyone help me out here? Do you know anyone by the name of Jeffcock or are you related in any way to the surname? Do you know anything about the history of the family? All help or information would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am really enjoying reading all the posts about Attercliffe as I am researching family history and its giving me a picture of what life was like. My partners family (Stoakes) were from Staniforth Road, married into the Beasley family also from Attercliffe. I also have Gleadall and Jeffcock connections in Attercliffe. My 2 x gt grandmother was a Jeffcock who married into the Webster family of Ardmore Street (where is that). I also have connections to the Jenkinsons who ran a pub in Attercliffe back in the 1800's so I have a long association with the area.
  9. I am tracing my family history and I have found that my 3 x great grandfather lived behind the Queens Head at the time of the 1861 census in something called Garnetts Yard? Do you know if your grandparents know any history of the pub or the surrounding area. My family were called Jeffcock Walker. Thanks
  10. Crikes you lot are bringing back some memories! I was Flower Pot and my ex was Big Ben. Actually met him on over the airwaves when he offered to come a sort out my aerial. Our daughter was Little Weed.
  11. Crikes those were the days ... Friday morning you always made sure you didn't overlay so you could get the "good stuff" cos let's face it there was some rubbish on there! I loved it too because as a typical woman it was fantastic to get a pair of shoes and a handbag to match as there was also a stall that did cheap bags too ... can anyone remember it?
  12. I am researching my family history and am a bit stuck on the Gleadall connections I have made. I would love to hear from anyone connected to the name who lives in Sheffield or past family have. This family seem to have lived around the Daisy Bank, Woollen Lane area of Sheffield. The information I have is from 1841 onwards so am going well back in time. Please PM me if you can help TY
  13. Not got a venue as such yet but have two in mind. One has the lights but no DJ equipment the other has nothing but a stage. You mention Kirky's figure is way under cutting, what is the going rate then for a DJ on a Saturday night? Ta
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