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  1. What are you trying to prove? Crawl back under your rock. These companies sell 1000's of tyres online a month. I'm sure they have a returns policy just like any other company. Even if I did have to pay postage to send a faulty tyre back I'm sure it wouldn't be more expensive than the cost of having a tyre shop fit one of their own tyres and my research has basically proved it. I've already told you, there are plenty of healthy businesses offering this service. I'm sure this thread will prove useful for others looking to save money just like I was (as long as they ignore all the trolling comments). Grow up. PS The call was free cos I get free minutes (oh the pool little phone companies. maybe I should support them more by paying for all my calls?!) ;o)
  2. My loyalty in these dificult financial times is to my own wallet I'm afraid. I'll look for the best deals anywhere I can. Black circles are ok but still the cheapest place by far is CamSkill and getting local fitter to do them for about £8 a corner. Hutchinsons is just at the end of my road and I just spoke to them. They sounded more than happy for the business. They'll do £8 a corner if you take the tyres away and £10 a corner if you want them to dispose of them for you. I'm going to go with that.
  3. Exactly. Buying tyres elsewhere and having them fitted is totally legitimate. What if you had a track day car and wanted to swap tyres round? What if you wanted to put your winter tyres on and swap them with your summer types? Do you guys saying we're destroying their businesses expect people to be always buying brand new tyres?
  4. This is getting better and better. Hutchinsons is just at the end of my road. Brilliant!
  5. Another one to add to the list tomorrow. I'll give them all a ring and report back. Cheers
  6. Thanks to everyone who's actually given me answers to the question I asked. I'll be sure to try a few of them. To all you other internet warriors. Which part of my original question did you misinterpret as me asking for a moral lesson. Also, Do you think it's reasonable for anyone to pay £30 over the odds for each tyre just so that some tyre shop can make more profit? Especially when these places are probably just massive chain stores. If I can find something cheaper that is of equal/better quality, I tend to go for it. That's just good sense and I'm sure you would too if you weren't on some holier than thou mission. Anyway, why would I want to open I tyre shop? I never once said that I knew everything about fitting tyres. I merely said that a good fitter can do 4 tyres in 20 mins and that it doesn't take much skill as a job. Do you think any one of those 16 yo tyre fitters you see working in the garages got more than about 30 mins tuition to do it? I doubt it. That's probably why they tend to lose your locking wheel nuts or dust caps half the time. If businesses don't adapt to changing markets then they fail. That's the way of the world. Or do you think we should have RULES in place to stop people shopping online for cheaper goods? Maybe we should shut down the online tyre shops. Why not shut down iTunes while you're at it to protect poor little HMV... What would you say was a suitable level or remuneration for a tyre shop for fitting and balancing a tyre? Stop trolling on the internet and do something useful with your time.
  7. The difference is just too much. From TyreShopper you'll pay £127 fitted for a Toyo T1R From CamSkill you'll pay £97 delivered but then have to get them fitted. That means anywhere I can get them fitted for under £30 I'm saving money.
  8. That's why I'm not asking them to do it for nothing. I've said I'll pay a reasonable amount. A good tyre fitter can fit and balance 4 tyres in about 15-20 mins. If I paid him £20 at £5 a corner that's £60-£80 per hour. That doesn't sound like a bad living to me. Also, if I go through the trouble of acquiring the tyres and taking them to him he doesn't even need to store them. Less stock means less space needed, less stock going out of date, less admin. Yes they have to buy equipment/have premisses etc but I'm not paying a basically unskilled worker over £240 per hour to fit my tyres. Get off your high horse and don't bother posting anything if you're not going to give a constructive answer.
  9. It's come to that time where I need some new tyres. I used to buy them from CamSkill and get them fitted at BillyBoys Tyres on Penistone Rd. He'd do them for £5 a corner which was very reasonable. Sadly they're shutting down now so just want to get rid of their stock. Less and less garages will fit your own tyres because they always want to sell them to you to make a tidy profit. There is no garage I can find that will be cheaper than getting them online but I need somewhere that will fit them. Hawleys said they'd do it but they wanted £20 a tyre. Obviously they want to make their profit somehow. I don't mind paying a bit but I don't want to get ripped off and undo any savings I make from getting the tyres cheap. Anyone know anywhere that does it for around £5-£10 a corner?
  10. I got in from work today to find a crumpled up bit of paper on the door mat. Turns out it was actually a bank statement but i was shocked at how badly it had been screwed up during either transit or when being posted.
  11. We had terrible rows with Mfi around christmas. They persuaded us not to buy a matress from them before xmas saying it would be cheaper in the sales, then after xmas it had gone up by about £100. In the end we gave up and went to Atkinsons in town. Very happy with their service and choice or stock. Just remember folks. There are other places to buy furniture rather than MFI.
  12. Jimmy's Plaice on Eccy Rd just near Endcliff park does the best fish and chips (or as the sign says Chips & Fish) in my opinion. They are not too badly priced either. I think we pay about £7 for 2 cod, large chips and large peas. I don't know what it is they do to their food but they do it very very well. I had fish and chips from Northern sole the other night and they were terrible too. No taste and really greasy.
  13. My mate works in the car industry and they have friday afternoons off so they move their bank holiday to the tuesday otherwise they would only be getting 1/2 a day free. Makes sense really.
  14. PS I just ran that BBMax speed test and got a whopping Download Speed: 855 kbps (106.9 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 338 kbps (42.3 KB/sec ) Now thats pretty bad if you ask me.
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