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  1. I don't doubt this for a second, but as I said earlier they're no different to any other dealer.
  2. Admitedly the 'get out' clauses in the service plan are vast, just about everything on the car, but no different to anyone elses service plans.
  3. At last some sensible advice and non reactionary thinking to a common problem. Thankyou for the direction jamesogt and I will try to apply this knowledge in future if this sorry kind of thing happens again.
  4. I think the OP was asking about the service plan, not car sales.
  5. No, but worth taking a service plan out with them, but seriously it is worth it because you can take it to all evans halshaws and most other major dealers like perrys, funilly enough mine went in today for a service and MOT in one we paid for when we bought the car and the charges were very reasonable.
  6. Oh you really sound happy to recieve complaints when here you are on the forum brow beating people into believing if they are not eating at some up market place like Fischers they should be thankfull for what they get, as I have already explained twice, to walk out of a place we were lucky to get into at 2.00pm on a busy day, still hungry and then go through the whole process again was not an option with two kids, the food was very substandard, I don't make a habit of lying or 'trying it on', luckily I can more than afford to pay for meals, but I will only pay what I think is reasonable based on the amount and quality of the food, the bill came to £30, I offered £25, more than reasonable I think and this was turned down so the full amount was paid. If I have to spend my time giving you a breakdown of everything I ate that day and what was wrong with it, then please do me the courtousy of telling me where you work so I can avoid it. I don't think I could cope with any more rude and unprofessional customer service!
  7. How busy could McDonalds have been???? On a bank holiday , in the middle of town with four people needing to find an empty table, oh I don't know, let me think.
  8. Never gonna happen wotsits, you'll just have to take my word for it!
  9. Thanks for your criticism of my thread (not very constructive though), the thread was written late at night, hense the spelling mistakes. It's people like you who do work in catering and expect people not to complain that gives the business a bad name. The food was expensive for what it was and the type of venue. When I said one of the most expensive in the city I meant for the type of venue. Comparing Lynnes Pantry to Fischers is infantile, if people did complain about bad food in this country maybe we would get better and not be fobbed of with idiots like you, it's bad enough this country has a poor reputation in the catering industry. In reply to your inquiry, the food was cold, processed, short measured and not fresh.
  10. Although you are an incredibly intelligent person Rich (thank you for pointing out to me that they don't look like the originals) you must have must missed the obvious sarcastic humour I interjected without the use for a stupid smiley.
  11. I clearly stated that it was a busy bank holiday and we had no choise, i.e Mcdonalds was to busy, please read threads before replying.
  12. Thats the carbs well taken care of, any protein or fats in there?
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