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  1. Hi, does anyone know of any city centre based BJJ or MMA gyms/classes? Anything outside of that area is pretty much a no go due to work and other factors so it would be great to find one. Thank you
  2. I don't get what's wrong with both parties making their own way to the destination, say you've agreed to go for a drink in town?
  3. Having problems in S14 too, my 3G drops to E an also GPRS. Been happened on and off for a few weeks now, O2 said there were no reports of problems by anyone else.
  4. Anything to do with the new Pretty Green shop at Meadowhall? Although i'm not sure how new it is.
  5. I've seen this too, always from the same people these kind of stories.
  6. I’ve been a massive Xbox fan since the first console, skipped the PS3 in favour of the 360, however I will now be going back to Sony. For me there’s too many restrictions on the Xbox One. I just want to be able to put a disc in and play a game. I don’t care for any TV extras, Skype, Netflix etc. I think the biggest deal breaker for me though is the whole Xbox’s need to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours otherwise it just becomes an expensive Blu Ray player until a connection is made again. I currently don’t have broadband at the moment, I will again in the future but what happens if the connection breaks for whatever reason? Or it takes a few weeks to install/fix? I’m left with not being able to play games. Seems crazy to me.
  7. Yeah i've got about 6/7 women hidden, it's always the women sharing this kind of rubbish lol.
  8. Bloody annoying it is. 1 like does not equal a prayer or mean that FB will pay for some poor childs treatment. FB is full of idiots. I still love it though.
  9. I think there’s a better way than lowering the age of consent and that’s for men to stop preying on children. Just a thought.
  10. Castle Market, the "Av ya got a spare fag" capital of Sheffield.
  11. Yesterday a learner cut me up, I’m sure it was an accident but it really angered me, so much so that I did beep at them a few times while shouting learn to drive!
  12. Get yourself on POF, it is a bit of a meat market but it gives you another way to meet people I guess, I've met a few women from there, still single though ha.
  13. Yeah my brother saw it happen from his kitchen, apparently the guy has been arrested now. Shocking stuff.
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