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  1. please dont tap him! he will get anxious, he is just a baby, my daughter has one the same age, we had all on from keeping him from up the christmas tree but they dont do these things for long he will soon settle down as he matures a bit, make sure he has plenty of toys and a scratch post, he isnt gonna be a baby for long :-( enjoy the funny side of it!!!
  2. Hi Im looking for two or three quotes to get some work done in my garden. I want a patio laying there's grass there at the minute, and some steps making safe. a small amount of fencing put up and a shed to be erected. some trees to cut back too. if anyone can come and quote on thursday or friday this week then please message me thankyou.
  3. Hi My son used to go to a playgroup on the corner of mount view ave just on derbyshire lane, S8. Ive been looking for a phone number for them or some sort of contact to see if it is still running my son is 14 now but my newest is 2 and needs to start being left for a couple of hours a week to adjust him to nursery life, he should start come September. if anyone knows a contact or if it is still running, (which I think it is) could you please let me know thanks Becky x
  4. Me Too! will be watching all week to watch ya Mel, hope you win big girl !!!! although you got something really nice anyways!! Becky
  5. Haaaa Mel!! Its Alfonso!!! Gutted he missed out on the £250k but £20k is great hope you have a lovely time at the Spa together!!!! Hope its the real thing for you both first Deal or no Deal Wedding Yes??? Becky x
  6. OMG What does she look like in that dress!!!!! Maybe for a red carpet night out or even a club but on daytime telly NO!!!!!! SACK the STYLIST
  7. Ahhhh Poor Walter that was bad only a pound! Banker should have given him £100. I cant see what Em found out??? Am I being dim??
  8. Bless you sweetheart your a brave lady and that was a fantastic tribute to your little girl, my heart and eyes are full of love tears and sorrow for your loss bless your little angel Beckyxxxx
  9. HELP!!!!!! my 21/2 yr old son knows what the potty is and what its for saying wee wee and poopey but will he sit on it? NO! will he wee or poo on it NO! Im starting to think he is actually taking the pee out of me instead of himself!!!! he just laughs and runs away and wees on the floor urghhhh, how can I make him understand?? what is it I have to do to get him to co- operate????? can you beleive this is my fourth child and I cannot convince him no way that the potty is the way to go!! any advice is welcome lol xx thanks Becky
  10. Hi I just want to add my bit, My son was born in Jessops 2 1/2 years ago, after the birth I had some problems and the staff were amazing, going on from this they put me in hdu for a few hours before transfering me to whirlow ward, I was put on the ward in a room on my own and my family left so I could get some rest, some two hours later as a nurse walked passed my bed and saw me, came and said hello and told me she didnt even know I had arrived and how long had I been there!! I was ok and it being my fourth child wasnt worried about being left but for any poor first time mum scared and not knowing it could have been awful, other than that the hygeine on the ward and the friendlyness of the busy staff was excellent.
  11. Went to endcliffe park yesterday and notice a bed and breakfast on rustlings road overlooking the park, big old victorian house looked nice, cant tell you any more than that really B x
  12. so how much does the truck hold then?? if its big enough then I will phone you next week to arrange pick up
  13. thanks Tony but its gonna take more than some bin bags for this lot its a massive pile of branches.
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