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  1. Dorothy Vernon was an actress with Sheffield Repertory Co, The Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday night, among others, and eventually married Colin George, the director. I think she started her teaching career at Chaucer School while I was there. She went on to be in Emmerdale and did other TV, as well as several West End plays. I believe she was Sharon's mentor and encouraged her to be an actress. Sharon later fell into disrepute when she moved to London and became a Chelsea fan. Now even worse a Fulham supporter.
  2. My mother was a cleaner at The Gate also but graduated to being a barmaid for many years. Not the one that Philip fancied I hasten to add, just a contemporary.
  3. It was a wet fish shop when his father had it, who also had a street stall at Hillsborough. When Phillip took over Hefford decided to compete with the fish and essentially won. He, Phillip, opened the shop later as a fruit and veg but it didn't profit. He fancied a barmaid at the Gate Inn but it wasn't requited. He was basically a nice bloke who never got a break. To say his Mum was a character is an understatement. The shop has had a few incarnations, last I heard, a few years ago, it was a coffee shop. The flat above was also where Gabrielle lived during her daliance with her child's father.
  4. Rang doctor for an appointment today. Offered one on 17 July. 37 days, is this normal?
  5. People believe whatever they want to believe, facts only confuse them.
  6. Thank you for that, knew you wouldn't let me down, but it begs the question: If the Wedneday ground is in Wadsley Bridge, where is Owlerton? There doesn't seem much room between Wardsend, Hillsborough and Wadsley Bridge.
  7. Which bridge does it get it's name from? I think the name predates the railway and the one at Lepping Lane. Unless I'm wrong? Hillsboro will know?
  8. It even made the Huffington Post, that has to be a first for any event in Sheffield.
  9. Went to the supermarket this morning, noticed a whole peasant for sale, only 4.99,seems reasonable. I passed on the offer, not sure which veggies were appropriate.
  10. Thank you Hillsbro, I expected nothing less from you, and you didn't disappoint. I also remembered where he lived after you told me, between the Off Licence no-one seemed to use and the church.
  11. Mr Grove sold fruit and veg from a horse and cart around Wadsley Bridge in the early fifties. He stabled the horse at the Gate Inn where my mother worked. On a Saturday morning I would usually help him load the cart, although how much help I really was would be questionable, I'd only be 7 or 8 years old. One week I was asked to go down earlier than usual without being told why. When I got there, the horse was already outside but not attached to the cart. It was due to be shoed and I was about to ride it to wherever. My initial delight rapidly changed to fear when I was boosted on to it's back. I was along way off the ground and this thing was alive! I clung on to some sort of harness like my life depended on it, because I was convinced it did. I was carried, with slowly increasing confidence, through Hillsboro', to the farrier at, I think, Malin Bridge. Back on the ground I was appalled at how the horse was then treated, I couldn't understand how all that heat and smoke didn't cause it any harm. The ride back was more enjoyable and I quite liked what I imagined to be envy from onlookers. The question is, are, anyone else remember Mr Groves? The ride was real but was the farrier at Malin Bridge, or is my memory playing tricks?
  12. Ah, my childhood remembered. The tunnel was known by the illustrious name of "**** 'n' entry." The ongoing dare was to walk through from one side of the road to the other. The initial bravery always wilted when it became clear rats had the first claim and retreat the only appropriate action.
  13. A Jenson Interceptor, now that was the car of my dreams a long, long time ago........
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