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  1. Definitely not open on a monday
  2. Just a quick reminder that this is this week!
  3. There will be a Christmas Shopping and Pamper evening on Wed 9th December at 7-9pm at St Thomas Church Centre, entrance opposite Crookes Post Office. There will be a wide range of stalls selling handmade crafts, toys, toiletries and other gifts. All proceeds are for Compassion UK Jo Bailey joannabailey@me.com
  4. Hi, I'm organising a Christmas Shopping and Pamper evening on Wed 9th December at 7pm at St Thomas Church, crookes. Please contact me for more details or if you would like a stall. Jo Bailey joannabailey@me.com
  5. Hi, can someone tell me what I should pay for babysitting for a 3 month baby?
  6. It was last night in both directions
  7. I would like to say that the above person is never going to beleive that there are people who do this who are happy with it. I'm an Avon Rep and have been for a while and I'm happy with the system, am perfectly happy they are not ripping me off and am happy with the amount of money i earn. As always, the focus you put into your work reflects the money you get out of it, so if you want to earn a living wage you need to put in lots of effort. If you just want to do it in your spare time, like most people, then you're only going to get pocket money. Avon like all of these catalogue companies also has ways for you to earn an unlimited amount of money, but it requires commitment. if you are interested in Avon and want to earn money as a representative or an unlimited amount as a sales leader, drop me a pm for more information.
  8. you also want to get in touch with the childrens information service. they can tell you about all the different play groups and so on.
  9. IS this talk open to anyone? anyone with an allotment? invitation only?
  10. Hey all, just thought I'd say that we're on plot 380 near the millpond and are planning to do some hedging this weekend also. In case you're wondering, we're the ones with the greenhouse which has finally fallen down! It would be great to chat with anyone else down there, so please feel free to stop and have a chat. Ed if you've got people coming to help, do they fancy babysitting as Alex will be coming too? If we don't make it down til sunday, we can bring your plants with us. Jo
  11. Da Vinci Pizza in Walkley is good, their collection deals are excellent.
  12. will you be going to wong tings on the 18th?
  13. You do want to ring them before you go as they have some very weird opening times. Their food is all locally sourced and their lamb and beef produced on the farm. As such it is a little more pricy, but I still go there.
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