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  1. How about Nick Griffin saying that he won't represent his constituents who are from ethnic backgrounds? Or the BNP not allowing ethnic minorities into their party, and thus, not allowing them to vote in their internal elections? Or attempting to remove people, with bribes, from this country, resulting in their exclusion from our elections? Is this not anti-democratic? There's plenty more to being anti-democratic than simply abolishing elections. If this weren't the case, you could argue that single-party states (like the former Soviet Union) where elections are compulsary but citizens only have one choice were democratic. Democracy doesn't "simply mean government by the majority." That is the result of democracy. Democracy is about rights, and suffrage, and respect for all humans as equals. If these principles aren't upheld, democracy fails to exist.
  2. I agree that they do indeed have a right to their seats. The system is a democratic one, and so we should accept that fascist parties will occasionally experience political gain. So the system is good. We can agree upon that. What you're failing to see is that, although they are democratically elected, their agenda is not a democratic one. I said this above. Although we can applaud the system, we can't applaud the BNP. Why? Because the BNP's agenda doesn't fit with democracy. The democratic system that we're championing wouldn't be there if the BNP were in power. They aren't democratic. Is that clear? Or shall I try again?
  3. hmmm... good education? really? There are so many people like you in this forum. They need to step back and take off their blinkers for a minute or two. Most comments in this thread have contained, roughly, either one, or both, of these two mistaken statements: (1) The BNP were elected democratically, and so can't be challenged. (2) The people protesting in town are "unwashed," "lefty" "dropouts," and so should be ignored and ridiculed. They're usually either pre-, or super-ceded by something along the lines of: "I hate the BNP!," or "I'm not a racist!" Now, let's see what's wrong with them. (1) There are two problems with this view. The first is that, although they have been democratically elected, their party is not a democratic one, and doesn't uphold democratic values. If the BNP were to be elected into power (which, as long as people try and keep their brains active, won't ever happen), they wouldn't maintain a climate of democracy. Rather, they'd create one of fear, exclusion, racism, violence, and ignorance. Democracy means inclusion, not exclusion, and exclusion is what the BNP actively encourage. The second problem is that, if you love democracy so much, then surely you should let people express themselves in protest. If people see that a convicted criminal who encourages violence against their friends and/or family is going to represent them, they should be free to get angry. Hitler was a fan of not letting people protest. So was Chairman Mao. And Stalin. All mass murderers, and all considered, by most people, to be among the most evil leaders in history. (2) There are also two problems I have with this statement. The first is that it is a perfect example of ignorant narrowmindedness. Just because people look different, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be taken seriousley. Hitler encouraged testing of skin colour to determine whether people should or shouldn't be sent to concentration camps - whether they were worthy of consideration. Can you see a similarity too? The second is that, although you call them drop-outs, they probably aren't. In fact, they're probably the opposite. They are definately people who have used their brains more than you have. Otherwise, you'd be there with them. This, I hope, has shown why the superceding statements of either "I'm not a racist," or "I hate the BNP," don't make much sense either. Anybody who says that the BNP can go and do what they want, free from protest, because they've been elected, should think seriously about what happened when people started voting for the Nazi party in the Reichstag elections of the 1930's. Would you have protested then? Or would you have discouraged people from venting their anger at it? And for those who say that immigrants are ruining our country, please do us a favour, and use your brain. They come here to take refuge, and to excercise their freedom to move. This is what our war veterans fought for, so stop insulting everyone. Economic migrants and refugees don't owe us anything. Benevolence and charity are intrinsic goods, and don't need to be paid back.
  4. I know it's a bit far, but there's one in South Manchester called Sharston Books. It's worth definately worth checking out if you're over that side of the Peaks. It has a massive selection of second hand books - I'm talking thousands and thousands, kept in a big warehouse. Only a few of them are on the website though - try googling it anyway
  5. ha ha you'd be surprised! either you havent been to university or you went a long long time ago. anyway, sheffield does have a china town, although it is unofficial and doesnt have an arch. and why are you going on about manchester? this is called "sheffield forum" for a reason, and this thread is called "best chinese in sheffield" isn't it? as far as chinese places in SHEFFIELD go, there is a wealth to choose from, and id be very surprised if you have tried them all. stop being so anti-sheff and support our city's entrepreneurs!
  6. I went up there today and there was no sign of anything happening in the very recent past.
  7. It's just gone midnight and I've just walked past the Spider Park in Lodge Moor. I looked over towards Stanage Pole and saw a huge bright light which was lighting up all the sky and the clouds in the surrounding area. I couldn't work out what it was as I haven't the best eyesight in the world. I can still see the sky lit up from my house in Lodge Moor now and it's creepin me out! It seems way too big and bright to be a car. I thought it could be a helicopter or something but it still seems too bright and it hasn't moved for a while. I was thinking maybe they're doing maintenance up there or something but its Friday Midnight so I guess that wouldn't make too much sense. Any ideas?
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