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  1. I can actually see Juventus getting to the final once again this year. They are running away with it in the italian league with the likes of AC nowhere to be seen...
  2. I can't play, I feel like my head has been run over by a HGV!
  3. After last night's drama, our lass has banned me from social events for 2 months...
  4. That's a fair point. Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't you mysteriously pulled out also?
  5. Dunno if I can make it now... Sorry guys (and gals).
  6. :loopy: Well, I will be at the Charity football meet - a perfect opportunity for you. I look forward to your attempts.
  7. Are you sure? Kingdom is shut now ya know...
  8. LFC trying to steal the limelight as usual. God you must have been a spoilt child.
  9. Talking before they speak? How an earth do you achieve that?
  10. No Shane Long has not figured prominently!!! And Gamst Pederson has been amongst the top 3 players there in each of his 3 seasons. Were you born yesterday fool or are all piggies this dumb.
  11. Hang on a minute piggy - any player that gets the goals to keep relegation certs up - has to be regarded as one of the signings of the season. Andy Johnson - 8m signed 2 seasons ago. Shane Long - Can't get in the Reading team - signed last season Kalou - How many games and goals he got this season?? Gamst Pederson - great player -signed 3 seasons ago. Evra - Signed last season Carew - scored 2 goals and only played about 8 games - hardly qualifies. On the face of it, your response has just been ripped to shreds.
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