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  1. But then if your bin is 'smelly' why use disposable nappies and as for the cat poo get the cat to use the neighbours garden!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you for the replies lucifer/chris/harvey. Ill tell him to go have a look
  3. Hi, My old man is looking for a new watch, would be useful if anyone knew of a watch specialist in Sheffield so he can have a look / chat. He seems to be interested in panerai. Thanks in advance
  4. im not sure about town, but in crystal peaks market there is a stall that repairs phones. weve had phone repaired numerous times. however due to it being water damage im not too sure, i recently dropped my phone in a pint of cider and was told its basically unrepairable
  5. Anyone with a small amount of common sense and respect for people nearby will know this is a stupid idea. As a local citizen i can say from my experience the traffic is already crazy. Building another supermarket in halfway, never mind this close to morrisons would be a tremendously stupid idea. Why cant they just build 200~ houses instead and have done with the land.
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