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  1. it wasn`t the one in Carters showroom as they had had that from 2003 and the collector they bought it from had had it for prior to 2000 and had restored it and used it for shows, and had all the documentation for it
  2. yeah the club is still there but is wed nights only now starts at 7.30 pm if you mean the one on creswick lane just off yew lane
  3. So what stuff have you purchased from there and have you used it and did it work?? just asking out of interest
  4. Hi thanks for the input guys it was just an advert that i had seenand wondered if anyone had had any of his stuff the "what martial artists dont want you to know" bit is part of the ad not my words
  5. Hi everyone i have been browsing through a few of the martial arts threads on here and wondered if anyone had come across this top secret training site/ programmes, and what you thought of them, its supposedly run by a LT X character (chris pizzo) and purports to teach purely battlefield and WW2 combatives, i would love to hear your feed back on this as they claim to teach the stuff martial artists dont want you to know
  6. hmm i have been training and teaching jujitsu for the last 13yrs and am not a third dan would love to know how an 11 yr old got to it in such a short time thought the usual time pattern 1yr between 1st kyu and 1st dan and 2yrs between 1st and 2nd and 3yrs between 2nd and 3rd dan and so on lol god i feel slow now
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