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  1. Seriously! You were well clear of that one! I get the fear aswell really bad. It's much easier isn't it when you already know someone or meet them whilst out. Having said that the excitement is quite a build up. ---------- Post added 04-10-2016 at 03:34 ---------- That's lovely to hear! And so true! My freinds wedding who I went to back in the summer, well they met on POF aswell and they have been tigether along time now and are extremely happy. ---------- Post added 04-10-2016 at 03:38 ---------- Thank you for your reply you talk alot of sense. Your right my ex has took so much from me i fear it will take along time to heal. I guess this won't happen quickly. I think we all want to feel attractive etc sometimes and worthy of a decent man's love but I guess I should take it slower. Thank you again. ---------- Post added 04-10-2016 at 03:41 ---------- Thank you Dales that's a lovely thing to say and i agree crookedspires words are very wise.
  2. Thanks for your insight I'm not going to keep it I'm not taking the risk as I fear your right. ---------- Post added 02-10-2016 at 22:11 ---------- Brilliant reply. Thank you. I'm definitley just going to let fate take its path. ---------- Post added 02-10-2016 at 22:12 ---------- Good way of looking at it! Thanks!
  3. So after leaving a 14 year abusive relasionship a few months ago where I have been hit, mentally tortured, financially abused and cheated on with prostitutes my freinds thought it would be a good idea to get back out dating. I was hesitant but decided to give it a go. I downloaded tinder and got swiping. It took alot of courage to set my profile up after years of being told your fat, your ugly and no man would ever want you and your no good to any man amongst other things. Anyway a guy matched with me and messaged me. We hit it off straight away and he asked me to go on a date at the weekend. I agreed and we kept chatting day and night for the next few days mesaages were always from him in a morning so I can't be accused of being to much. The chemistry was really there and we clicked really well. He couldn't wait for Saturday night and neither could I.we had chatted so long it felt like we already new each other and we had both told each other personal things like insecurities about body etc etc. I never told him about the abusive relasionship only the cheating. He told me everything a girl wants to hear and really made me feel alive again I was like a giddy teenager. He offered his phone number so we could chat by whattsapp and we did. We arranged to meet at 6pm on the Saturday and go for a meal and drinks. I was really poorly but didn't want to dissapoint him by cancelling so had a sleep and some tablets and took my daughter to her nans. My daughter was excited for me and wished me luck. for the last few days hours he had been counting down saying hiw long till we met (2 sleeps etc ) and through the day ee were meeting he was sending messages saying how many hours etc. He sent a message saying he would be setting off in half an hour. I was running late as I'd been to have my nails done and messaged him to say i was getting ready quickly. To which I got this reply...... "Don't Lisa. I can't meet you. It would only be about one thing and I don't want to hurt you. I know I'm disappointing you and I'm sorry for that but I'd rather do it now, than in a few weeks and hurt you. I'm so so sorry" This was 40 minutes before I was to meet him and I just stood in the bathroom gobsmacked my stomach went all funny and I was in disbelief! I read it again and simply replied "ok" and then I asked why he had been so cruel to which he just replied "i'm so so sorry" and then blocked meon whattsapp and on tinder. Just like that gone! I got in the shower and started to cry and spent the next hour sobbing in to my glass of wine uncontrollably whilst talking to my freinds that new via text. I rang one close friend who didn't even know I was going on the date and had to explain all this to her whilst crying like a baby. I felt like such a fool. I got dressed anyway (still crying) and got in taxi to the pub where my freinds were (still crying) and spent the first hour crying! I got stupidly drunk and danced the night away with freinds untill I crashed in my bed at 5.30am (not crying). I don't handle hang overs very well and with the cold on top I've been a blubbering mess all day wondering what I've done to deserve all this and even considered that my ex partner was right about me. I'm still feeling sorry for myself I just don't seem to be able to find my strength today. My daughter has issue's surrounding the abuse her father also subjected her to (mentally) and I'm usually her rock and today she's had to watch me sob all day. This is the first time I've cried for the loss of my relasionship and maybe it needed to come out. Even though he was a <removed> he was a big part of my life and I need to grieve that loss. Tommorow I will brush myself off and carry on as normal. I'm in my final year of nursing at the moment and my uni freinds are fantastic they said he probably wasn't being honest about his photos and he was no oil painting anyway (their opinion not mine but made me laugh. I guess my point in writing this is that you never know what's going on in someone's head. He had no idea how brave id had to be to leave that relasionship and to consider dating again and I had no idea he was just wanting a <removed> buddy (I should give him my ex number he knows some good places in attercliffe ) or what ever else was going on. I'm always mindful of what I say and do to people and I never expected that to happen and I feel so foolish. I wonder if this sort of thing is a regular occurrence on these sites not that I'll be finding out I'm done with the whole idea of it now I'm clearly not ready and can't cope with hurt. I'm going to carry on being a mum to 3 girls and repairing the damage done from the relasionship. I am glad however he did tell me and not lead me on. Moan over and thanks for reading.
  4. Personally can't wait for it to come! Save me a 2 hour round trip to Nottingham!
  5. and why Mr know it all is that? I am a Nurse with a good income and my partner also has a good income. The fact we do not own a house yet is nothing to do with money but our own choice for other reasons. I really do feel sorry for anyone that has to associate with you on a regular basis. ---------- Post added 14-07-2015 at 16:19 ---------- Thankyou, I will give them a call to see what approximate land size it as it just says 2 plots. Thanks
  6. Why is it a stupid question? If people didn't ask then how would we learn? sounds to me like your the stupid one with an attitude like that. ---------- Post added 14-07-2015 at 12:53 ---------- Thankyou, never thought of the unsecured loan part. The land is £12000 then another plot of £7000 so still doesn't add up to enough then. I will call a few places. Thanks for the advice.
  7. seen a bit of land I would like but don't have the cash. I rent my home so cant free any money up from equity etc. Does anyone know if its possible to get a mortgage for an allotment?
  8. Basically needs digging down and laying with proper sand as previous tenants ruined it. Don't no where to start looking really. Who ever does it must be experienced in this field and be able to.provide proof / portfolio or similar of work done on menages ad the horse and riders safety is paramount. Thanks
  9. Hi, looks like we are about to lose our beloved staffing aged 11 who we've owned 11 years! Devastating isn't the word. We want her to be cremated and brought home I don't even no where to start looking or how it all works when she dies! Also what are the general costs? Money won't 've a problem for this just wondering? Thanks
  10. Thankyou for your advice, i will make some calls tommorow. Do you enjoy your job though?
  11. Hi, probation, courts or prison service but to be honest alot of other areas do to. Have you finished the degree? what are you doing now? did you enjoy the degree?
  12. Hi, i'm applying for the Law and criminology degree at hallam uni for september and would like to put on my application that i have done some shadowing in this sector. I have started volunteering for an.alcohol service but would like to experiance something more specific. I will be writing to the courts shortly to see if i can.shadow anybody. If you work in this sector would you consider letting me shadow you, if only for a few hours one day? im 30 with 3 children, i have worked in the NHS for 4 years previously and i am currently on an access course at Rotherham college. Any oppurtunity would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  13. Im 30, have 3 children and have previously worked as a support worker in the NHS Opthalmology opd for 3.5 years. I am on the access to nursing and midwifery course at Rotherham college. In order to gain direct experiance with mental health patients i have been advised to try and gain a day or more shadowing a RMN. I am starting training with an alcohol advisory service tommorow which is great but i really need to try and get some other experiance as soon as possible to put down on my UCAS application. If this is something you could help me with please get in touch.
  14. Thats good you cleared that up before he passed on, many people dont get the chance. Thanks for reply. ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:06 ---------- Maybe yes, it was a hard day, its just always the same but i understand what your saying. I have forgiven her so many times and she carries on hurting me. ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:09 ---------- This is advice i have been given a few times and sometimes i think it would be the best way. I just feel sorry for her shes on her own lives in a flat and hasnt been with anyone since she divorced my dad 22 years ago who sadly isnt here anymore but did when he knew he was dying try and warn me about her ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:14 ---------- I agree, and i will leave it to see how i feel for a while. The thing i tried to tell her how her comments made me feel and she said "oh shut up thats what happens stop being silly" she just doesnt get that i didnt want to think of his nan a few hours after she had died like that. I told her i no how a mourge works i worked in the hospital for 4 years and im a student nurse!! but she failed to realise how raw it was that day but god forbid if id of said that to her when she lost her brother she would of broke down. She is the sort of person that if she is wrong she will fight tooth and nail to prove she isnt then when she has no alternitive to admit it sulks off and wont talk or turns on the tears. Im not allow to feel hurt she is always right always has been. ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:17 ---------- Thanks for your reply but his nan didnt really no about what was going on she knew we had problems but didnt get involved, i didnt burden her with it, though i think my partners mum had told her bits over the years. ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:18 ---------- Thats how i felt and thankyou because i think there is a way to say things and at times like bereavement you should be sensitive to how you respond to people in what you say. ---------- Post added 06-10-2013 at 08:21 ---------- Its terrible it really is, i had some counselling about this last year and she told me it was understandable if i walked away forever as i told her everything but because of my children i cant its not fair on her or them.
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