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  1. yep it was white. The driver and passenger had those bright work jackets on.
  2. Thankyou for pulling out on me and then finding it funny. Next time think about my bloody kids in the back you stupid *** ! Love from Black Corsa driver .
  3. Have you decided to become celibate or is it because you cant actually get any ?
  4. OOH happy birthday Soon you will look like the fish you have for your avator
  5. i understand how you are feeling, i work as a care assistant in a private nursing home that provides 24h care to nursing and residential patients. We have a brilliant EMI ward which provides for permenant and respite positions. Only the distance might put you off. Ladyfield Nursing Home, Kiveton Park.
  6. Im 23, soon 24 and i must admit it is bloody hard and every mum deserves a medal for all the emotional, mental and physical work they have to do. I have 2 boys the age of 2 and 13weeks. To tell you the truth sometimes i cant wait to get back to work !
  7. There has got to be something wrong with the husband ! Maybe spending too much time at work and not giving enough attention to his wife causing her to have an affair. Id get the wife to admit to her husband what the problem is even if it is that he is crap in bed etc then they might be able to sort it out !
  8. I lived in kiveton for most of my life untill a year ago. Its changed so much I cant believe it! You used to be able to walk down the road and say hello to everyone because you knew them or they was friendly. Now its full of yobs who give you dirty looks, stand outside the shops causing trouble and spit on people coming off the train etc Im so glad ive moved. As for the pubs ....... well the conyers is brilliant !
  9. I didnt ask for opinions, i asked if there was anywhere else to go as i was only used to going to kingdom.
  10. Not everyone was the same at kingom, if you actually went then you would know! and i mean more than once ! The bouncers was friendly if you didnt get in to trouble, if you did n got kicking then it serves you right. To most replies that are slagging off kingom - Where do you go to ? Flares ? Everybody has their own opinion on things so if your not going to reply with something sensible and something that kingdom users want to hear then dont bloody bother As for posting pathetic threads blondie, i see there is quite a few replies to this one so keep your nose out !
  11. I went for the 1st time on friday, it reminded me of a mini kingdom actually.
  12. I agree with you there, I could smell poppers etc when i walked past certain areas.
  13. BANUS : Dont know if you spell it like that but hey. So i went there for the 1st time last night and quite liked it .... sticky floors and not so good beer but music was good. Whats everyone else think ? Dont get touchy about the subject ....im only askin !!!!
  14. Yes i know most people slagged the place off when it was open but now people seem lost without it. After years of partying at kingdom im totally gutted and have no idea where to go after the bars. Any ideas please ?
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