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  1. Thanks both, Searched for hours on google found many suppliers but none too cheap/close Only need the clay, I have everything else i need! Was hoping for some local knowledge!
  2. Building a pizza oven in my garden, but struggling to source fire clay, does anyone know a local supplier? All help appreciated.
  3. Are you looking for a nursery for your daughter? If so you will need to look elsewhere are Primrose Children's Centre does not have a nursery, they run groups, clinics and courses for families. Sorry I have no idea about the shops :S
  4. Hi, I can't comment on mega kids as never been but can recomend Camelot play centre for a party if you want it a little quieter. You hire the whole play area so only your party guests will be there! It's not huge but kept 20-30 4 year olds happy at the party we attended!
  5. I highly recommend this one http://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/osprey-nebula-34-backpack-p307017&gclid=CKrwuKaM-80CFYEV0wodhMYCVA&gclsrc= I have 2 under 5's, this back pack is great loads of room for changes of clothes/ nappies n wipes/ coats/ snacks/ plus my bits n bobs and also very comfortable! It also has a whistle so you can train the kids to come back using that rather than shouting ha ha!
  6. My brother in laws can was broke into on Hanson Road Loxley on Monday night!!
  7. Hi, We have an incubator and brooder, so just need the fertile eggs! Wanting to hatch some chicks and grow them on to 6/7 weeks, anyone who has any eggs to spare please get in touch. Thanks
  8. A few Easter weekend activities listed on here: http://www.netmums.com/sheffield/whats-on
  9. I agree! The problem isn't that you can't park, but that you don't find out that you can't park until you have turned into pit lane and then have the almost impossible job of getting back onto the main road, as the road is blocked off due to the number of very badly parked cars! I went a few weeks ago and it took over 30 mins to get back onto the main road due to the lack of space to turn and other cars turning in from the main road!! Now I know I can't park I'll avoid taking the car down, but there should at least be some thing warning drivers before they turn into pit lane!
  10. Also try 'the Printroom' in Hillsbrough, tried to copy a link to their website but phone playing up! Google the printroom shefgield and they are the top of the page!
  11. I can recommend City nursery (castle college, Granville road!)
  12. My son was 11months old for his first christmas, we bought him things that would last a few years (a set of good quality wooden blocks, a solid wooden push along truck) he will be 3 in jane and still plays with both of these, the push along had a removable handle and is now used as a 'transporter'. I also filled a huge box with balloons and wrapped that and have to say on the day that was his favourite thing, he played with them for hours! One thing I would say is don't feel that you have to buy loads- we were so surprised with huge amount of gifts bought by family and friends, it might be worth seeing what he gets and then if he needs anything getting it after christmas or later in year.
  13. Hi, Have you tried the sheffield information directory: http://www.sheffielddirectory.org.uk/kb5/sheffield/fsd/results.page?qt=nursery&term=&sorttype=relevance You put in your postcode and the nearest settings should filter. Others I know of in the area you are looking are- Hallam uni nursery Broomhall children centre nursery (not sure if this is still open) Sheffield children's centre- city centre Toy box nursery- upperthorpe I have can't recommend any of these as only know of them! Good luck with your search
  14. Have you tried City Nursery? It's in the grounds of City College on Granville Road Here's a link to their website for contact details: http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/Childcare/Sheffield-City-Nursery My LO attends as we work in city centre, we are very happy with the nursery and my LO loves it!
  15. Hi, Had my test a few months ago! The letter only stated 'low risk' but my midwife gave me the actual ratio when I saw her fir my appointment at 16 weeks!
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