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  1. i know this was posted a long time ago my husband is related to this family i would love anyone to contact me if they have info on this family
  2. has anyone got any roberts in there family my greate greate granddad john roberts was born in sheffield along with his brothers and sisters there name's Emma born c1868 Elizabeth born c1863 George born c1856 Thomas born c1855 Arthur born c 1853 harry born c1865 there parents names was Thomas roberts and mary roe all the men were file grinders by trade but the story goes that john was a bare knuckle fighter in sheffield he went my the name jack i know Arthur lived at 14, Fawcett Street in 1891 and George lived at 84, Matthew Street, Sheffield in 1891 thanks for any help
  3. hi can anyone tell me please if there was a street called gandow in attercliffe my husbands gran was born at no 43 in 1907 and lived at no 42 gandow or candow street
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