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  1. Had no probs at all when mine crapped up after 6 months from Currys, they were great.. Comet were pretty good too, surprisingly. I know Currys have the extra 'Whatever Happens' warranty too, and they really were brilliant when the washer/dryer & TV packed in..
  2. Excellent! Didn't know you could do that yet, I've been holding off buying a new one.. Cheers!
  3. Might be worth waiting until October to buy a new laptop if you can as Windows 8 will be released.. Might as well get the new OS pre-installed while you're at it?
  4. I'm always having problems with this bloody useless company and its useless reception service, another 2 months and they're gone! It's no worse than normal though if that's any help?
  5. I use Trillian on the PC and iPhone 4 to log into MSN, but you have to pay something like a one off payment of £2 for the pro version to stop the ads.. Very much worth it though, it's brilliant! Once you've bought Trillian on your iPhone from the App Store, they know you've paid and disable the ads on the PC version. It also lets you log into Yahoo, Skype, Facebook Messenger and most of the big chat programs..
  6. I've been playing with it on and off today and have only just found out that you can drag the home screen down to reveal your notifications.. Swipe from the top of the screen downwards.
  7. Been playing it for the past 7 hours, it's absolutely brilliant! The first thing I did was go into the options and turn off the ABS, Auto Brake/Auto Steer and crank the settings to realistic.. I've just come off it for half an hour to give my eyes a rest!
  8. Pre-ordered the limited edition Forza 4. Can't wait! In my opinion, the best Gran Turismo was the first one. The others always left me feeling like they hadn't tried, especially GT5 which was a huge letdown after years of waiting for it. It certainly didn't live up anywhere near the hype! I love racing games, my fav is Forza though. The demo of F4 is fantastic!
  9. 13 months ago, I joined Vodafone in an 18 month contract. They're that crap, I'm thinking of paying the contract up and going back to O2. 3G signal is non existant in a majority of areas, and even when it says there is a 3G signal, the internet is so slow it's not worth using. Even when I switch 3G off when I don't use it, the signal strength is at best 3 bars and keeps stop-starting in voice calls.. I know it isn't the phone as my other half's got a Voda mobile which is different to mine and that's exactly the same. When I was in Spain earlier, the 3G signal was fantastic everywhere and the internet was fast! They're absolute garbage!
  10. The Prime Minister should give the police a full go-ahead to shoot to kill any of the filthy parasitic scumbags who are looting and rioting. Those so called 'people' who are doing the damage and thieving should be eliminated, and some of them should be hung outside the shops to warn the rest of them away.
  11. We've got 16 at work, some of them are now 5 years old.. all have been fantastic and are on 18 hours a day.. I suppose it's with them being one of the biggest brands in the PC market that you get more in than any other? HP and Compaq are the same company aren't they?
  12. Dell's aftersales service if it goes wrong is absolutely diabolical. PC World have some great offers on, as do Currys & Comet. Depends what you need the laptop for.. Try to stay away from HP and Compaq though, they fill their laptops with their own resource hogging software that slows things down something terrible even when new. Good reliable laptops though.. I think sometimes there's a fashion where some people hate certain companies because they've read something bad about them and then follow like sheep, PC World are one of them. Apple look to be the next.. My advice is if you've been treated well at a shop, and the product has lasted, go back..
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-14370151 The Sheffield store won't be closing now.
  14. iPhone 4 everytime for me. I have the HTC Desire HD for work and the iPhone 4 for personal use. People say the Desire is better, it isn't in any way in my opinion. As for Samsung phones, I wouldn't touch them again with a barge pole. Had nothing but problems with them in the past (along with every other Samsung product). Each to their own though..
  15. It's a shame you don't let your customers know when a film has been cancelled due to Harry Potter being so popular on release. We got there (after checking an hour before online), bought all the popcorn and drinks while some others were buying the tickets, only to be told you'd taken the film we wanted to watch, off. A £100ish refund was given for the food and drinks (after 10 mins of arguing), but there were 4 taxis full of our group who were let down. We ended up walking to Meadowhall to watch a different film. Great stuff! At least nobody was hurt in the fire..
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