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  1. Aye sorry to hear that. Thankfully that wasn't and isn't the case with me and, forunately I am able to cope and deal with it, day by day. Thankfully not an extreme case.
  2. Hello Doyle. In answer to your question of March 2, 2020, it would seem "Not", huh? I have lived with OCD all of my life, but don't think it is or has been too extreme. Came to realise that I actually HAD OCD when I was around 45 - 50 years old or so....!! I mean nobody TELLS you that you have it right? So you just think that what you are doing is normal? That is/was the case for me, anyhow. Ni mind'eh?
  3. That's another sad death. R.I.P fella. Thankyou.
  4. Long time Local Councillor, Community participation and former Sheffield Lord Mayor. I knew Pat for a lot of years. All round GOOD egg. R.I.P. Pat. God Bless.
  5. Report post #3887 Posted 14 hours ago Halibut posted "But also dangerous, irresponsible, capricious, selfish and thick as two short planks." Aye, maybe so.....? And, the lucky old North Americans have this Cartoon Character for the Next 5 years too! Comedy GOLD.
  6. Malkin posted "Unbelievable really that they haven't managed to develop a VPN or some other technology to allow more people to be able to continue their roles. Of course this isn't the employees fault, there are people sat at home with workloads that they want to progress but the infrastructure won't let them." Yes, the first two words make the most impact.! However, to be fair, many Councils across the Country have had their pips squeezed until they squeak...and then some...for around 10 to 20 years now.
  7. Mr Trump had previously said the defence order was not necessary, because companies were voluntarily converting their operations to help fight the spread of coronavirus. But on Friday he said in a statement: "The virus is too urgent to allow the give-and-take of the contracting process to continue to run its normal course." Earlier in the day he took to Twitter to complain that GM lowered the number of ventilators they had promised to deliver from 40,000 to 6,000 and had wanted "top dollar." On Twitter, he criticised GM chief executive Mary Barra, saying things are "always a mess" with her at the helm of the Detroit-based auto manufacture. This Guy is comedy Gold. Comedy that keeps on giving.
  8. "It's a highly unusual situation, for all sorts of reasons, the demand for food is higher than normal, and the supermarkets haven't kept up with demand. They aren't as good at meeting demand as they make out. This was predictable weeks ago, the lack of food on shelves is their fault, not a mass group of hoarders that no one has ever seen in person. " Hmmmm. I think that media panic and selfish greed has caused hoarders to panic buy, mostly at Big supermarkets. Big Supermarkets, in turn, don't seem to have a clue, in the main, how to contain this and help EVERYONE who shops/wants to shop at their store, get what they need or want. Doesn't seem to be getting much better on the main stuff - like milk, bread, paracetamol, fresh veg and tinned stuff. No Food shortage...and nothing wrong with the Food chain supply, presumably.....so, what the HELL is going on?? Can't see how Supermarkets employing thousands more on temporary zero hour contracts is going to do much good, if the Bosses can't work out a few simple ways to make supplies of Bread, Milk, Fresh veg, Kitchen roll, etc, available for all, THROUGHOUT the day!!
  9. Maybe, after he has finished playing at trying to be a politician, this geezer could become a comedian, like two of his predesessors(cant spell that), both named Bush!! The guy is HILARIOUS!
  10. well put Second that. What we really need now, is common sense, clear -thinking, positivity,......and improved, increased Health care(permanent, not just temporary), might help?
  11. Aye, too true. I started going to Wednesday games around 1971-2 so experienced the struggling teams and the dodgy pitches, mostly. The Wilkinson reign,followed by Francis and Atkinson were, as you say, the PEAK years....and great times in the Top Division(First Division it used to be called). All downhill since then.....and still NO light at the end of the tunnel! Ni'mind, eh?
  12. Agreed. You and me both, brother. Hope you have a Good week-end with the "Walled Garden".
  13. Nice one thanks. Hope the weather stays OK for you.
  14. There you go....and perhaps even locally, we could multiply you by say, several hundred or so? If the shelves remain empty and proper order, common sense and decency DOESN'T break out, how are the likes of Firethorn to cope or survive? especially if, as some will very likely be, on LOW incomes?
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