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  1. Hi all, There is a newer (more readable in my opinion) book about the gang wars, called 'Sheffield's Most Notorious Gangs' by Ben W Johnson. It has many photos, and is all about the gang wars. My Father In Law's Grand father was/is William Furniss (one of Garvin's right hand men) and who was with him on the night of Plommer's murder, he was never taken to court for any involvement in the murder due to lack of evidence linking him. I agree there ought to be a film, as the author of this book makes the point that Plommer should be held in high regard for standing up to the gangs, but ultimately paying the ultimate price for doing so. This was then the beginning of the end for the gangs as the murder was a 'step too far'. I think there ought to be a permanent memorial of some sort on Princess Street where he was murdered, to honour his bravery in standing up to the gangs, something that could resonate today?
  2. After hearing the news today, why is it that when the Police are to lose an attribute or important piece of equipment, the Chief Constable and most MP's say 'it is outrageous, it must not happen, it is vital that we maintain this service etc' But...when the Fire service is planning to close stations and cut fire appliances as well as jobs, the Chief Fire Officer (who is proposing the cuts...not being told he has to) says, 'I have no choice, it will not affect the service'...and MP's say, 'well...what else can we do?' I wonder if Clive Betts and the other South Yorkshire MP's will be lobbying the Fire Minister about the cuts, just like he says he will be lobbying the Police Minister, about the helicopter???? Just shows that the Chief Constable will stick up for his/her troops, as will the Army top brass...but when it comes to the Fire Service...they have no morals or guts......they forget where they came from. Disgusting....wait for the fatalities to start.
  3. And it is only going to get worse when Mansfield Road Fire Station gets closed, only to move it further away on the Parkway, then they will have to come up Prince of Wales Road before they can pick up any speed to get to Blackstock and the surrounding area. There will also be less Fire Engines and Firefighters to attend these calls. How far will the fire spread in these extra minutes???
  4. Mosborough's public consultation is tomorrow night (30th) at the Methodist Church on Cadman Street at 7pm....be there or lose YOUR station.
  5. It only takes one house fire to justify its existence....ask the families involved. What has the FBU got to do with it?...this is a informative post because it has not been widely advertised....wonder why??...perhaps it is so the public will be ill informed? See you there???
  6. Do you live on or near the Manor, Gleadless Valley or Townend, Arbourthorne or the surrounding areas? Plans are afoot to close Mansfield Road Fire Station as well as Darnall and Mosborough stations to open two others further away with less resources. This puts you, your family or your business at more risk. A public consultation is planned for tonight where YOU can have your say and question SYFR managers about the closures. It is at St. Catherines Church on Hastilar Rd, at 7pm TONIGHT. If we do nothing then they will close the stations. Please go along and show your opposition to these cuts in service. After all, you are not having a cut in your council tax. These are seriously detrimental to your safety. Half as much resources for twice as big an area....four fire engines that cover Darnall and Mansfield Road Station areas will go down to 2 fire engines for the same area. PLEASE come along and don't rely on someone else.
  7. any clue as to which part of sheffield?...and what era?
  8. I am currently a FF and the name Mick Howard rings a bell, I know someone who may be able to tell me more. Let me know if you want to me delve further.
  9. Couldn't be bothered to look through ALL of the posts so apologies if someone has already put this on: Mosborough Junior and Infants had: Scott (blue) Raleigh(yellow) Cook(green) Drake(red)
  10. I remember it, I used to hang out with Stan's son...his older brother used to be in a band and practice in the 'barn' part upstairs, they had a black labrador called beau (boo), and it had pups every year the poor sod. The 'Tap' side was tiny, my Dad used to be a regular in there with a lot of his mates. Outside toilets, then he built a covered walkway for them. Massive bonfire every year.
  11. ??????????....hello? what are we to do?.....now build the park elsewhere because the mighty tesco is arriving and putting a road at the side of the afore planned park? Park planned(not next to a road)......park approved(not next to a road)......tesco applies to build a road at the side of the park............cancel park and build it somewhere else??????? It's not that difficult to understand:huh:
  12. they were building the park anyway, not next to a road......the road will be built after to facilitate Tesco's.
  13. Demand?...explain 'Demand'?......who is 'demanding' a tesco's?
  14. Thank you for your input Youfo(ol)...it is very much appreciated....now go away. Find another thread to try and get a reaction.
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