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  1. And it has been postponed... After consultation with Sheffield City Council, following yesterday’s UK Government announcement, advising the public to stop non-essential contact and all non-essential travel, we can confirm that the Sheffield Half Marathon, which was due to be staged on Sunday 29th March, has been postponed. Understandably there will be a lot of disappointed runners but the safety of you the runners and the public must come first. We will be in touch shortly with all entrants directly to advise you of your options. The Sheffield Half will now be staged on Sunday 27th September alongside the Sheffield 10K. Should current entrants not be able to make this date, they will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another event. An email with further details will be sent to entrants later this week.
  2. I have rather selfish reasons for hoping for a postponement: I have recently had surgery for a herniated disk and am only just getting walking again. By September I might be capable of jogging round in around 3 hours...
  3. I have been to a couple of these and they are quite decent, for a chain. One branch also received a good review recently from Jay Rayner. Steak restaurants in the centre of town don't seem to do very well (London Club, Bar and Grill) so I hope that this one works out.
  4. Fulwood Ale Club @AleClubFul Opening in Nov: The 2nd @BrewFoundation tap. Cosy drinking den & bottle shop at 4 Brooklands Avenue, Sheffield. S10 4GA.
  5. The Crookes Practice has had a couple of Saturday morning flu jab clinics recently. I went to one and had to wait less than 15 mins to get my jab. I am also asthmatic and get a text reminder and a jab every year.
  6. And he voted twice - against the government.
  7. Great work! Wish I could still run that far...
  8. He could make quite a difference today - one way or another !
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/17/unemployment-figures-should-be-millions-higher-says-research
  10. I don't think Ancestry do this test, but others do: Y chromosome Genealogical information showed that all five living male-line relatives of Richard III were descended from Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort and the Y chromosome data for four out of the five male-line relatives showed a match consistent with them being related as expected. However, one of the five had a very different Y chromosome type indicating that a false-paternity had occurred within the last few generations. The Y chromosome type of the Skeleton 1 did not match any of the living male-line relatives showing that a false-paternity event (or events) had also occurred somewhere in the 19 generations between Richard III and Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort. This was not a particularly surprising result. Work by Turi King and others has shown that historical rates of false-paternity are around 1-2% per generation.
  11. Corbyn is quite upper-class, though, isn't he? His parents lived in a manor house, he went to a prep school...not sure that it is helping him much.
  12. The NHS is the worst way of running a healthcare system. Apart from all the other methods.
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