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  1. The cars all belong to workers at the nearby University building site. It saves them having to walk down from Crookes, the nearest free parking zone. Someone must own the site. The vegetation was cleared out a couple of years ago after complaints of a rat infestation.
  2. I also have many happy memories of the Kashmir, more for Bshareth's philosophical debating skills than the food. I remember when he did the two thali challenge, at which I failed miserably. He refused to get a tandoor installed and would finish his very heavy 'naan' breads using a blow torch! The Mangla was fine may years ago but became predictably poor and we stopped going. I get all my takeaways/deliveries from Maveli now (they do a great Madras) but when pubs and restaurants re-open, I will be heading to Kelham Island followed by a 'traditional' curry at the 7 Spices...
  3. After sudden onset lower back pain, it took about 18 months of physio before I was referred for a scan. This was actually by the physiotherapy service rather than my GP. The scan showed a prolapsed disc pressing on a nerve and I was told that no amount of physio would change this. I saw a neurosurgeon shortly after this and an operation was arranged at the Claremont (on the NHS). 7 months later and I now have minimal pain and much greater mobility. If physio does not work, insist on a scan. Operations won’t work for everyone but it certainly did for me.
  4. One was on top of the camera for a while.
  5. And now on the ledge...very adventurous! Correction: I think that's one of the adult birds. The other juve is on top of the box
  6. Is that the first flap up to the top of the box or did I miss an earlier excursion?
  7. I can hardly bear to watch: youtu.be/u4vbTtRt6Tk
  8. they retreated to the corner a little earlier this morning.
  9. And it has been postponed... After consultation with Sheffield City Council, following yesterday’s UK Government announcement, advising the public to stop non-essential contact and all non-essential travel, we can confirm that the Sheffield Half Marathon, which was due to be staged on Sunday 29th March, has been postponed. Understandably there will be a lot of disappointed runners but the safety of you the runners and the public must come first. We will be in touch shortly with all entrants directly to advise you of your options. The Sheffield Half will now be staged on Sunday 27th September alongside the Sheffield 10K. Should current entrants not be able to make this date, they will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another event. An email with further details will be sent to entrants later this week.
  10. I have rather selfish reasons for hoping for a postponement: I have recently had surgery for a herniated disk and am only just getting walking again. By September I might be capable of jogging round in around 3 hours...
  11. I have been to a couple of these and they are quite decent, for a chain. One branch also received a good review recently from Jay Rayner. Steak restaurants in the centre of town don't seem to do very well (London Club, Bar and Grill) so I hope that this one works out.
  12. Fulwood Ale Club @AleClubFul Opening in Nov: The 2nd @BrewFoundation tap. Cosy drinking den & bottle shop at 4 Brooklands Avenue, Sheffield. S10 4GA.
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