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  1. PeteM01

    Best curry house in Sheffield?

    Neither are really 'curry houses' but I believe that the best South Asian food in Sheffield can be found at the Front Room in Hillsborough (North India/Pakistan) and Maveli (South India). I travel to India and Nepal 3 or 4 times a year and have not eaten anything better than the food in either of these places.
  2. PeteM01

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    1h 56m! Pretty pleased with that.
  3. PeteM01

    Sheffield Half Marathon 2019

    I have had to take a few months off running for a back problem but back in training now. Not run a half-marathon distance for 6 months, so may have to settle for a very slow time!
  4. PeteM01

    Jared Omara MP ..

    And he has no confidence in Theresa may's government...
  5. PeteM01

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Very pleased to see that Jared voted this evening, with the Labour whip on Amendment 7. I would imagine that most of his constituents will also be pleased.
  6. Home-Ring Road-Turner St-Multistorey-pick-up/drop-off-Turner St-Ring Road-Home. Even in the evenings, a queue is rare. I avoid Cross Turner St and the 'drop-off' point...
  7. For the sake of settling future debates about Sheffield vs other UK cities (OK, mainly Leeds on this forum), I would strongly recommend looking at this website. The data tool can be set for city vs city comparisons. Those folk in Leeds might get paid more but Sheffield kids are brighter!
  8. Were you the gent walking round the site and peering down into the hole this morning at 09:00?
  9. Haha, that could have been me - milds and porters all night long. Fellow quaffers kept pushing glasses of stuff at me that smelled of citrus-branded floor cleaning products but I managed to resist...
  10. PeteM01

    The Three Tuns

    Hopefully not too interesting...
  11. That has happened to me a few times. You need to take your boarding pass to the ticket office at the airport station and they check the delay on their computer. They will issue a new train ticket for flights delayed up to 3 hours; after that you have to buy a new (expensive) ticket and claim from your travel insurance. I have had a new ticket issued even when my baggage was delayed rather than the flight itself! If I know that my flight is going to be very delayed at the airport of origin, I will buy a new train ticket online to save having to buy a new one at the airport.
  12. The station is in the airport! T1 and T2 are less than 5 mins walk but T3 is 10-15 mins. Tickets are variable in price but seem cheap enough to me.
  13. Legalising drugs is one thing but no doctor or pharmacy is going to prescribe or supply any substance that has not been thoroughly tested for safety. This would cost millions. The obvious exception are the synthetic opioids (heroin, oxycontin, etc) of course, which were developed (and currently used) as analgesics.
  14. The remaining vegetation has now been stripped away - mainly the small trees on the Northumberland Road side. The shoddy pilings that support the Harcourt Road side of the hole are now visible again. I imagine that whoever owns the hole is going to have to spend some money to do a proper job here. ---------- Post added 23-09-2018 at 14:23 ---------- I have seen an increase in the numbers of birds in my garden over the last few days. I am not sure how many have been displaced from the hole now that the vegetation has gone, but this could easily be several hundred birds of various species. We don't live far from Northumberland Road, so there may be a link. Has anyone else noticed an increase? It could just be the onset of autumn, of course, but with the weather so mild I would be a bit surprised if birds were already migrating in from rural areas. We will have to get the bird feeders loaded up in the winter!

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