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  1. He could make quite a difference today - one way or another !
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/17/unemployment-figures-should-be-millions-higher-says-research
  3. I don't think Ancestry do this test, but others do: Y chromosome Genealogical information showed that all five living male-line relatives of Richard III were descended from Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort and the Y chromosome data for four out of the five male-line relatives showed a match consistent with them being related as expected. However, one of the five had a very different Y chromosome type indicating that a false-paternity had occurred within the last few generations. The Y chromosome type of the Skeleton 1 did not match any of the living male-line relatives showing that a false-paternity event (or events) had also occurred somewhere in the 19 generations between Richard III and Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort. This was not a particularly surprising result. Work by Turi King and others has shown that historical rates of false-paternity are around 1-2% per generation.
  4. Corbyn is quite upper-class, though, isn't he? His parents lived in a manor house, he went to a prep school...not sure that it is helping him much.
  5. The NHS is the worst way of running a healthcare system. Apart from all the other methods.
  6. What a shame - it was my favourite 'north Indian' restaurant. It was always randomly closing, though, and was cash only the last time I visited (back in early June). It seems that Hillsborough just can't maintain any classy eating places.
  7. At least 10 years ago, I got very angry with a youth smoking something very strong-smelling outside my kids' primary school at 8:30 in the morning. He looked shocked and surprised that someone had challenged him, but I did not see (or smell) him doing it again. In any other circumstances, I would have ignored it. More recently, I was walking near Redmires when I met a family out with young children; one of the parents was holding a large spliff that I could smell several minutes before I enountered them. Cannabis use is now completely normalised but I do feel sad that young children are being exposed to it on a regular basis.
  8. All trees start off as saplings. You just need to be patient. The loss of trees in specific locations, as mentioned by c00kie, is much more of a concern to me.
  9. Less than 12cm - that sounds about right for some near us in Crookes. Many were vandalised but were replanted and seem to have to have survived.
  10. I would be interested to know what percentage of the felled trees have been replaced - do you have this figure?
  11. The facts: 1) Quite a few tons of earth and stone have been dumped around the rim of the hole over the last 7-10 days, some of which has tumbled to the bottom, covering up some of the decaying vegetation in the bottom. 2) The construction work is literally on the other side of Northumberland Road; no-one said 'just over the road'. 3) The rubble from the construction site is partly contaminated with asbestos and hydrocarbons. 4) The university do not own the 'hole' site. The idle speculation: 1) It is possible that uncontaminated topsoil is being stored at the 'hole' site rather than being used as fill, to allow it to be reused. 2) Someone else entirely could be using the 'hole' site to store their dirt and yellow tubing.
  12. I imagine everything changed when they found all that stuff from the former dam just under the surface.
  13. The Kelham Island Tavern and The Fat Cat have not changed much over the years. Something for everyone in Kelham Island, I would say. Are the curtains up yet?
  14. A lot of people walk to work/university along Northumberland Road during the week, so pollution is an issue. However, the trees were probably too high up on the bank to have mcuh of an effect at ground level? Presumably, like Amey, they will use much smaller varieties of trees for the replacements?
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