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  1. yeah man im a strange person though.. i love just meetin somebody i dont know and then gettin to know them through the night.. its reyt good
  2. im ryan.. 26yr old.. i kinda fancy a random night out.. literally meetin somebody i don't know and gettin to know them during a night out... anybody fancy it?? x
  3. on the route of the 19 bus....... 'rudie cant fail', either that or 'straight to hell'. depends on my mood
  4. im s6.. wisewood, just up from hillsbro, got transport aswell.
  5. i can play the usual chords and a few songs which hav helped me learn others. i can make monday evenings, thursday evenings, and most weekend days and evenings ryan
  6. hey matey.. i play acoustic guitar. im 21 but wouldnt mind meetin up with anyone for a practice. iv only learnt so much myself but anythin u do not know i could show u to get us both to the same level. iv recently been using oasis and bob dylan tab books. get back to me ryan
  7. Anyone interested in being in a band..? theres only me and another dude playing guitar so far, even anyone unskilled would be cool cos neither of us are very skilled at the moment anyway. male or female aswell, eithers cool. Influences: iron maiden and similar, clash, smiths, placebo etc.. Cheers, ryan.
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