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  1. It's going to be £1 a month for first 3 months, then £2 a week, including the app and the on-line version. Looks like you can read 4 free articles a week, That's more than I normally read in a week anyway.
  2. Did anything come of this ? Would be interested to know where the bird came from. Cheers 🙂
  3. I'm no expert, but just reading the tweets and following the blog, it looks as though this is a nest takeover, and the intruder is making sure the nest is hers. The original female falcon hasn't been seen for a few days, the last time she was seen she had an injured leg., possibly from a fight with the intruder, but no-one saw this. it remans to be seen who will come back next year 🙂 The Intruder and Mr P, the intruder and a new male, or the original pair. I think the latter is unlikely. Or, maybe a new pair completely. It will be interesting to see.
  4. No, last years chicks were ringed with coloured rings - cant remember which colour, but different to the current intruder 🙂
  5. Good summary of what's been going on here: https://sheffieldperegrines.wordpress.com/
  6. Another sad day. The male has tried to incubate the remaining three eggs, but the intruder female keeps coming and frightening him off. So the eggs have been left exposed for long periods of time - and it's cold and wet. Unlikely any more of them will hatch now 😞 Think the original female is still around, but I don't think she's been spotted incubating the eggs.
  7. Quick summary - chick hatched about 6.20 tonight, but only about 8 minutes later the intruder, which is a large female, appeared and sat on the nest, frightening the male away. She stayed there for a while, but didn't touch the chick or eggs. When she left, he came back, but by then the chick had been exposed for about 30 minutes in tonight's cold wet weather. At first you could see it breathing, but by the time he came back, I think it was dead, or nearly dead. He didn't try to brood it, but pecked at it for a while, I think checking if it was alive, then he picked it up in his beak and flew off with it, not sure where to. Then he came back and started sitting on the other eggs. If does only seem to be the male on the nest. The female was seen yesterday with an injured leg, maybe she had tried to fight off the intruder female. If anymore eggs do hatch I don't know how hes's going to manage to feed them on his own, if the female has disappeared.
  8. My Mum and Dad were both in Gateford Hill Care home, which is a 30 minute drive, or closer depending on what side of Sheffield you are on, and I can't fault it. The staff were lovely, the facilities excellent. I would recommend it.
  9. HI - the lighting is correct. It's blue at the round end, and red at the flat end, representing the heat as the metal is worked.
  10. I would suggest you look at this website -it's been put together by the agencies in Sheffield working with vunerable people http://www.helpushelp.uk/
  11. For people who want to help, this is a good local website to start with - it has some interesting information about giving beggars money vs giving it to charities. It is run by the main Sheffield charities involved with helping local vunerable people. http://www.helpushelp.uk/
  12. Great post by Paula. I live in the City Centre and work with the Residents Action Group. One of our members works with vulnerable people, and gives exactly the same advice. Don't give the beggars money, most of them are not homeless, and some are actually being pimped. i.e.. A Gangmaster for want of a better word, collects their takings at the end of the day and gives them back a percentage. Give to charities and organisations which help vulnerable people. And please try and educate students, it's the reason so many beggars are around the universities. This is a good page to go to for advice on how to help http://www.helpushelp.uk
  13. Looks as though it's progressing fine http://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/movers-and-makers/article/The-latest-on-Sheffields-Chinatown
  14. Cinema opened last Friday. Zizzis, Pizza Express, Gourmet Burger Co all open, Nandos opening soon. 3 (I think) empty units still to let. The restaurant area won't be enclosed, but all of the restaurants are. Not been to see a film, but I was impressed with the general layout and ambience, and liked the Green Room - the small bar at the entrance to the cinema
  15. If you're interested in helping the homeless and beggars in Sheffield, this is a good place to start for information http://www.helpushelp.uk/
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