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  1. Not just a little bit bitter and twisted are you.....?
  2. Don't give up your day job - if you have one.
  3. Oh dear. You aren't doing yourself any favours are you -your post is very telling. It is you who seems unable to debate and listen to others opinions. Why not just get back on topic and discuss the poor planning for parking and dropping off at Midland station?
  4. Daven has always been a valued member of the SF community with his knowledge and understanding. You seem to be a very unhappy individual who seems spoiling for an argument. From previous conversations on SF I know that Daven is none of the things you are accusing him of being. Calm down mate.
  5. She will need an incident number for insurance purposes anyway. Hope your daughter is ok.
  6. Why do you need to know ? How is that relevant ?
  7. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=stealth+fighter+pictures&view=detailv2&&id=013D5ECF2036E07974D8E26C4A7E8995E56EFCF8&selectedIndex=10&ccid=fJl0qtDK&simid=608041214283091428&thid=OIP.M7c9974aad0cafd36e6c25f8ad1f3cf23H0
  8. Get a grip man - we are talking about a few TREES being cut down ! It really is not that important ! Drag yourself into the real world and smell the coffee !
  9. I don't remember the incident but on searching the indexes have found Jacqueline and Jill Page born 24th Feb 1959 (mothers maiden name Tinker ) - both died in December 1971 in Louth Lincolnshire. Hope that helps.
  10. Are we talking about blue or black bin day here ?
  11. If the nest is under the gutter........... Keep windows closed and wait a few weeks and they will be gone. The same goes for bees - they won't hurt you and if you suffer from allergies the worst thing that can happen is the spraying of the nest with chemicals to kill the insects. They will go away and then is the time to get the empty nest removed and any repairs done to stop others coming back next year.
  12. Someone needs to explain the meaning and methods of 'debate' to the OP.
  13. Or, of course, it's entirely possible said vehicles are swerving to avoid the mammoth sized potholes in the road - especially if it happens in exactly in the same place time and time again. The fact there was a cyclist near to the swerving traffic may be coincidental.
  14. And speeding up the ever increasing downward spiral of the NHS. Nice one David Cameron.
  15. Wasn't there an issue with the land being 'polluted' in some way ?
  16. No - it's a well known phenomenon https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=mushroom+explosion+picture&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=slm4VobYB8ypa4qtvsgD
  17. Oh great ! Nothing like a bit of positivity at Christmas ! Thanks mate ! Felicitations ! Ho ho ho:(
  18. How does TW* become **** exactly
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