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  1. Thanks for the suggestions - ended up in pizza hut for lunch instead as one of them isn't overly keen on chinese. Will try the London Road one's another time - thanks x
  2. Hi, We are off to the panto tomorrow & wanted to go out for tea afterwards. Can anyone recommend anywhere in the city centre thats not too expensive? We have young a toddler & teenagers. The kids love Pizza hut (mind you they love MaccieD's as well) but fancied somewhere a bit nicer that won't break the bank.
  3. Hi. I can highly recommend Boneyfido (someone posted a link earlier). I recently used them for my 2 dogs and am very pleased with the results.
  4. We have just got rid of ours on Southview as the site fee's were too expensive (about £3500 for everything). We have had many happy years there though and I do miss it. We bought it second hand from a friend for a really good price so got our moneys worth but it has opened my eyes to a few things. Think very carefully about it - the big sites are a complete rip off. Southview had lots of facilities but as an owner you don't really use them - the pool was always packed, the site club was a total rip off & the shows were dire. The site was only interested in cramming as many people as possible into the site. If I went for another caravan I would find the cheapest site possible but within walking/driving distance of amenities. You don't need to pay for it all to be on site. Buy a second hand van as well - you can put your own stamp on it. Newer ones look fab but it is just a holiday home. I have a few friends who also have bought the biggest tourer they can and then sited it for the year - a much cheaper option and you aren't tied to the same place every year. Also as already stated - selling on your van is a nightmare. The site charges a fortune & will offer to buy it for a fraction of its value. Good luck xx
  5. What about Egypt? Tunisia seems to be quite cheap as well.
  6. I generally cry at anything - The Lovely Bones was the most recent one. The Lassie fims always used to get me when I was young - I couldn't watch one now.
  7. Hi - I haven't got one but have a look in Home Bargains. Every once in a while they have cages in. I got one for £10 which was selling for £30 on e bay. They don't have them in a lot but you might fall lucky.
  8. I thought about a muzzle. Another worry is I don't want the little one to pick up on bad habits & be grumpy with other dogs.
  9. Hi - Can anyone offer advise? We have a 9 year old male Border Terrier & have another male puppy who is about 13 weeks old. The two dogs are getting along fine. The older one will play for a while but lets the little one know when he has had enough. They seem to have sorted out the pecking order themselves. The problem is the older one has become more aggressive towards other dogs when we are out. He used to be fine & I could let him walk off the lead - he used to love running round. I have just taken them out though & he has had a nasty spat with another dog. He was off lead & when I saw the other dog I went to get him but wasn't quick enough. I feel awful & know I have to keep him on the lead at all times now. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to deal with it? I am not sure what he will be like on his own as I did think about walking them seperately but in the longer term that's not ideal. We thought long & hard before getting another dog & took lots of advise. We were ready for possible problems with him accepting the puppy but I (probably naively) didn't think about how it would affect him with other dogs on general.
  10. Hi - Both Louis & Dolly have disappeared from the website. Does that mean they have been rehomed? I have been checking as fell in love with both of them. I hope they have both found homes.
  11. I used them when heavily pg & am sure no one would mind. I would always look for an end space first but you can't always find one. I had a horrible incident when someone parked too close & I had to climb over from the passenger side with a huge bump. I ended up nearly wedged in & in tears as I had squashed my bump climbing over. I decided that it wasn't worthe the risk.
  12. Have fallen in love with Louis & Dolly - let us know how the viewing goes. Fingers crossed as the blog is heartbreaking. Has anyone enquired about Dolly? Will speak to my hubbie if not.
  13. Hi - I can highly recommend lea Bank. We always use them & know of several other people who do.
  14. aaaggh! Me too - completely forgot to tax my husbands car. Have jusy thought about it now & tried to do it online. The problem is I can't go to the PO tomorrow as the insurance docs are a download. The website says you have to provide the originals (I didn't get them as there was a charge & I didn't think I would need them). Hope its back up tomorrow.
  15. I thought about ringing the police but the owner of the black dog was long gone so there wasn't much they could have done. I think I will ring 101 though & ask if the PCO's can keep a lookout for the man if he is a regular in the area. If the dog had attacked a child like that I dread to think what would happen.
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