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  1. My relatives lived at 46 Hodgson St from the 1920s until the street was demolished. My grandad was caretaker at St Silas school in the 1930s. Their name was Hall
  2. My granddad John Hall used to be the caretaker of St Silas school in the 30,s. He lived in a house on the opposite corner to the school. My mum Florence went to school there & my grandma worked at Pickerings cardboard box factory. All the Hall family lived in that area
  3. I worked at Treeton from 1974-87, remember Tommy well, he was a grand old lad, sorry that he,s passed away, Jim
  4. Hi oldiegirl, found my grandad,s birth certificate. His name was John William (not George) born in 1894 to Benjamin & Florence nee Davis at 40Hodgson St. He married Elizabeth Barlow Aug 24th 1918 & they had 2 children, Florence my mum, & Walter, think we,re related, great news! Also remember going to see my aunty Nellie who lived in one of the cottages at Nether Green opposite the school.
  5. I went to Western Rd Infants, junior & senior schools from 1957 -67, then we went to the newly built Crosspool secondary school.I lived on Stothard Rd just up from Carrack,s wallpaper shop. I remember the fruit shop & the pea & pie shop & Jessie Owens where I used to buy my knitting wool. Happy days!!
  6. My grandad George Hall used to be the caretaker of St Silas school in the 1930,s. He,s mentioned in the By George book. He lived across the road at 46 Hodgson St. My grandma, Lizzie, used to make cardboard boxes in that house for Pickerings & during the war they had a school in the cellars. Brought back loads of memories!!
  7. I used to work in the kennels for guide dogs for the blind. They were fed once a day at 7 pm & weren't allowed any treats. Each dog was weighed every week & their food weighed accordingly. They were fed Eukanuba or other dried food & look how healthy they are & what a fantastic job they do. I feed my dog Beta or Bakers in the morning & chicken & pasta or tripe mixed in with more dried food at tea time & he has a treat in between
  8. my dog was 8 years old when we got 2, 8 week old pups. Jess mothered the pups & looked after them, they all played together & were great friends (they had their squabbles every so often)! It was a pleasure to take them out & although sometimes they were hard work, they more than made up for that. Jess lived to 15 & the pups lived to 17 ( we lost them both last year). so, go on, get another one & see them play together, it's great!
  9. try rain rescue at rotherham or cliffe kennels at penistone. I think they're dog pounds. good luck
  10. Hi Mick, so sorry about your lovely Blaze, it does take time to get over your loss. We've just been to the vet's to have our dog Sally put to sleep. She was 17 years & 4 months & we lost her litter sister Dusty last July. We'll miss them so much, we loved them to bits, but we'll get another dog soon to be a playmate for Marley. Take care, Chris x
  11. I will definitely be letting my dog Marley become a donor, I'll get in touch with them to see when the next session is.
  12. Hi, I was there from 1957 till we went to Crosspool Secondary when it was first built in 1968. Anyone remember it?
  13. Sorry, I meant the Izal factory has been demolished, not the pub!
  14. I have a book titled 'Then & Now' The Sheffield Blitz Operation Crucible by Alistair Lofthouse. There's lots of photos & people's memories. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I bought it from the newsagents or W. H.Smith will sell them.
  15. There used to be the Commercial pub about 200 yds before Carter's garage opposite the Izal factory which has long since gone.
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