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  1. My husband loves Sheffield, hes American! Not many places have a busy city on the edge of pure green countryside. Sheffield is unique ! and will always be home . People are warm and funny ! the yorkshire food is to die for. Its only when you leave Sheffield , then you sit back and appreciate the city. We have the hoods here in Florida.... Places I wouldnt drive through. Sheffield has character not many places have. Try taking a drive around Abbeydale ~ out to Chatsworth ! Sheffield has modern and old mixed together. Theres something about Yorkshire people , when I hear that yorkshire accent in Orlando I just cant wait to talk to them..... Their warmth and humour just shines.
  2. Just thought you may like this one. This is a true event that happened in 1995, My husband and I were travelling to Manchester over the Snake pass if not the snake pass then the area near Ladybower , The police were stopping traffic to ask them if they were travelling this route a week ago to the day... when the police stopped our car the police man said it was more or less the exact time that a serious car accident happened , I believe a car of Stag night men , the car ended up in the water. It was really sad looking at the wreaths and flowers lining up on the bridge, It was around midnight. As we drove off after talking to police, we were coming towards a telephone box and a man coming out of it, the telephone box had a light inside and we saw him coming to the road trying to flag our car down, I screamed at my husband not to stop, was frightened as he was almost touching our car, but as we drove off passed him , we both said the same thing.... The man had no face , although we could see he had glasses on. My husband turned the car around , he wasnt there. The strange thing being , he was so close to the police so if he needed help he would have walked to their cars which was in sight. The man was wearing a brown suit. When we got to our home in Manchester our alarm clock was buzzing and flashing at more or less the same time we saw this man. I was so shaken by this that I did call the police , they said this man was perhaps one of the victims of the car crash and he may be trying to reach the otherside. I will never forget this night, My husband and I both witnessed the same thing. My husband being an ex pro sportsman and very quick with his eyes/reflexes said he looked straight in the mirror as we passed him and he just vanished.
  3. Thanks Pooch ! I will keep U updated...Promise ! Where in Sheffield do U live ?
  4. Not too far ! about 20 mins away, we have an awesome few of the shuttle taking off, its amazing ! On the other hand we have Hurricaine season now ...Price of Paradise I guess.... Lost part of our roof two years ago
  5. Just talked to another Enviroment Rep. The Ball is now moving !!!!!!! I have to email http://www.unitenquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk Here I have to state all my concerns and my wanting to know what is in this Landfill. I put the email address out for anyone else interested in wanting info etc..however the more emails and pressure given to this agency will certainly speed the ball bouncing. finally I see some light !
  6. Update ... Finally talked to the main landfill Inspector , as much as he was helpful , he could only tell me what was going into opened landfills and Normanton Springs Landfill is closed , I now need to call a helpline for Environment Agencies 08708506506 ! and hope that they can give me the next path to take to find out what is in this closed Landfill, or what was allowed in this Landfill. Trying to call them ! Havent given up yet !
  7. I am going to be talking to another Rep in Leeds 2morrow and I will let you all know what they say ! I know im all these miles away in Florida but I have this deep passion and urge pushing me to find out what is in the landfill, I am sheffield born and bred and all my family live in the woodhouse area, my parents live in the springs, believe me ,on my parent's street there are so many people either dead or terminally ill with cancers and neurological illness and from such a young age, when I quoted these cases to a doctor friend they were horrified , I know many people in the Springs question whats actually in the landfill and why the flame is burning, I also know there are answers out there. This is going to take some time, ive had numerous emails encouraging me to keep going ~ and I will ,my passion is strong ! I will find out what is in the Landfill ! Serenety x
  8. They are sending me to a dept in Leeds Still waiting for them to get back to me ! Im trying to be patient !
  9. I spoke in depth to an ex Prof from Sheffield University, who was involved in some case in south England, he gave me sound step by step advice on who I should contact, which I have been doing, Trent Reginal Health Authoriy said I needed my concerns in writing, which I posted weeks ago ! I called them three weeks ago and was passed from dept to dept .. they say maybe my letter is under review... Im not holding my breath though. Frustrated as I am , I havent given up and wont give up . I would like to know what has been dumped in Normanton Springs as there are too too many people ..Young People dying of neurological/Cancers living close to this site.
  10. Ref my previous post , im now in the process of collecting as much info of health issues with people living around the Normanton springs area ..close to the land fill , if you know of anyone who has any Cancer/ brain tumors/ any neurological illness such as dementia/MS etc please let me know , im at the moment collecting as much data as possible to get this ball rolling in the right direction.... I have already contacted the right person who is guiding me through the process... LETS GET ACTIVE HERE !
  11. Thanks ..I will keep this going dont worry !
  12. Working on this ! dont worry im going to take this further ! I just need as much help as possible to get a petition going to the council. Please note I do live in Florida ..all my family are in sheffield . WE WONT LET THIS GO !
  13. I tried to post you a PM but your box is full..... I want as much info as possible to take this to the council ..hope you can help ! I have a deep passion to take this fwd ...no idea where its coming from , I just know that all the brain tumors / cancers on my parents street is outrageous !
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