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  1. I have just had my motor mower serviced by a chap who lives in Totley - brilliant, better than when it was new. He calls himself the ' Mower Mender ' 0114 2366958 or 0781 2211149.
  2. Just had some, ( a lot ) of fencing done today by Paul Day. Brilliant, tidy & well priced.
  3. Further to last mail. Job completed by Paul Day. Very good, tidy &, dont tell him, but a very good price !!!
  4. Just having ( as I type) a very large fence fitted by Paul Day, so far very impressed !!
  5. Charisma Blinds, a Sheffield based family business. We found them to be reliable and very competitive. charisma-blinds.com
  6. Pretty sure the top went some time ago, the bar is more or less as it was but finished off better. The makeover has been done well because the character of the pub has not changed but there were things that needed sorting. A good excuse to try it !!
  7. The Crown had its official opening last night. They had a buffet and good music. It is now back to its full glory, a great local. Tony and Julie deserve it to do well, and I have no business interest in the pub by the way. Just give it a try, the food is great too !
  8. Went in last night, very nice and food should be back on Friday next. Good luck to Tony and Julie.
  9. Has anyone booked a holiday with Olympic recently. They seem to be swapping and changing flights and not informing customers until the last min. Any info. ?
  10. When Phil ran the Crown last year, it was at its best. Punch drove him out with high rents etc. The woman who took it over, a real wast of space, lasted about a month. Someone is moving in now, so lets hope they keep it as a ' proper pub ' or they will be finished in another month ! I hope it works 'cos I want my local back.
  11. There is activity at the Crown. Lets hope they are better than the last one that lasted a week !! Cant wait.
  12. Went in the other night and was very impressed. Now the Crown has gone downhill after Phil left, the Cross is now a firm favorite .
  13. Mikey, did you read the notice on the window. What a load of .....
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