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  1. Super photographer took fabulous photos at my daughter's wedding. Quality colour and black and white prints. Would highly recommend to anyone! Check out her website: http://www.juliesinclair.com My daughter loved her wedding photos.
  2. Have previously recommended Mark Neild of TopTile Roofing. Do a search under his name or business name, on this forum and see how many satisfied customers he has had. That's how I found him and have been more than happy with the work he did.
  3. Anyone available with a transit? Please pm me with likely cost. Deliver to Greenhill.
  4. Thanks for your help...........have been in touch with Purdy's.
  5. I found a door strip/laminate edge much wider than the usual at Wilkinsons...............can't remember whether they had any wide enough for french doors. Hope this helps.
  6. Have ordered a new kitchen - delivery next week but store unable to supply worktops for another 6 weeks! Anyone any suggestions as to where I can get worktops from within the week? The kitchen fitter is ready to roll next week but we are a bit snookered if we can't get worktops (black gloss). Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. Can whole heartedly second the recommendation - Mark at Top Tile completed an excellent job on my daughter's roof in April. He deserves to be recommended.
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