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  1. I think the public and the medua like Peter a lot more then Katie. I see Katie turning into Kerry Katonia or/and Jade Goody.... used to be liked but then they did something and it sll went horribly wrong.
  2. What have i got to feel jealous about? she may be rich but she has no privacy. there are items not for sale.
  3. Yawn yawn yawn..... my parents struggled to put a roof over our heads but they did it just like most decent folk do. I would never swap my life for Jordan's - and she keeps nothing private look at the latest abortion situation. She knows she is a "role model" - more youngsters know of Jordan then the suffragettes. Girls follow her style and will be goling top her book signing and get her implants....
  4. so why should i get back payment? i am self employed and it has not been a great year.... i prob would earn more on the dole, but instead i dont cliaim any benefits so why should i not be able to get back dated council tax help.
  5. oh this is so rubbish I should have calimed for councint tax benefit in june when i first moved but no one told me..... so thanks sheffield >blank< council as i have paid for £450 of council tax bill....
  6. I am self employed and it is not going well. I am living in a house for 6 months and then I will be moving back home. Currently I pay 75% of the council tax as I live with students. I have paid the council tax because I got a court summons (i.e £79 ish fine) for paying late. How much will I have to earn before I wont get help with the council tax? Currently I am living of my savings (£3k) and some money in my current account (£3k). I have got a form to fill out and apparently I will need to provide bank statements as well.
  7. i can drive.... i got to the point of going for my practical... I dont come from sheffield so did not know who to pick
  8. cheers... i work in manchester twice a week and it takes me hours to get the train and metrolink.... if i could drive life would be easier.
  9. Oh my god.... thats what a driving instructor told my friend!!!! What is the rate for lessons now days?
  10. Thanks for that info. Apparently there is a new law saying you have to have 40 lessons before you take yuour test???? Just getting worried.
  11. I don't start lessons untill next week. I picked a woman out of the phonebook and just called her... I am not from sheffield so hopefully I made the right choice. I can book an appointment tomorrow.
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