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  1. I'll have to remember you like dungarees wont i I did used to love Prisoner , why was it on so late though ???
  2. That Sam Fox song was called Touch me , and it was the first single i ever bought .Got from the Asda at Handsworth I bought it cos loads of parents of my friends were saying how disgusting it was so i used to play it really loud on the front garden and **** them all off :hihi: I voted for Human League , fantastic pop songs .Still love em today !!
  3. Human League - Greatest hits Just listening to Fascination
  4. My nephews go to manhattan motorcycles alot and they always say how good the staff are there , really helpfull . So i'll say there as well cos i cant think of anywhere else yet Oh and by the way are you feeling better now Dave ?
  5. That poor little girl has got to go through the rest of her life remembering what this animal did to her . She has got a life sentence of torment because of him so it is only right that he gets a life sentence for what he did and i mean life - till he dies !! And i agree with THE_DADDY that hanging should be brought back for people like him as well !
  6. Put them in my top summertime tunes as well , Love em !
  7. How much is to have a dog neutered? , were going to have Cadbury done soon and would just like to know on average how much it costs . He's a Choc Labrador . Thanks Karen x
  8. Yeah it like garlic isnt it , only kiss someone if theyve had some too
  9. Steve , i have a feeling you knew the way this thread would go when you started it Its given me a laugh anyway !! Oh and can i borrow your power tool one day this week please
  10. Ahhhh pk where have you been , i missed you have you got a bald head then
  11. I love stroking freshly shaved heads and then when theres a bit of hair just coming back
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