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  1. If you look on the earliest posts you will see lists of children with dates etc. I can tell you Shuttleworth served in the war and was gassed April 1918. There is also a death certificate for one of his children Mabel Helen who sadly died from burns received when her nightdress caught fire. She was born 1908 and died 26th March 1916, This was a common occurrence in those days.

  2. I have fiddled around and at the moment its looking good, watch this space!!!

    I took out all the extension things and went straight into the wall - added filters to both phone and router!!!!


    ---------- Post added 14-08-2018 at 09:48 ----------


    Just to let you guys know problem seems to be solved. Put filters on both phone and router it seems to be working ok. Fingers crossed

  3. Elizabeth Blything born 1906 married Charles Briggs 19 Feb 1927. Trinity Church, Darnall

    Her father was Frederick Blything - Charles father Jem Briggs.

    Charles is down as Bricklayer

    Witnesses Peter Jackson and Alice Briggs


    1939 register shows Charles mother and father -

    Jem Briggs 29 Oct 1871 Male Furnace Builder

    Agnes Briggs 30 Oct 1871 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties

    living47 Pipworth Road


    1911 census show Jem being born Arnold Nottinghamshire

    I can email you more information if required

  4. I was there about the same time, with Margaret Quixall and a girl called Felicity Dawn Revill. Some other names are Kathryn Jackson, Pamela Green, Susan Warren. Patricia Woodhead, Lyn Land and I do remember Yvonne Wood(was sorry to hear she died young).

    Some of the boys, Keith Willoughby(who I think died young) Freddie Porter, Robert Farrish, Ian Rogers, Jeffrey Wigfall. Anyone of them out there?

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