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  1. its mainly when I am using my tablet and ipad
  2. When I click on someones reply it doesnt open and I get the message go to News Feed - when I do that the reply still doesnt open!! Any ideas
  3. I bought my wedding dress there in 1967. It cost a whole weeks wage - £14 - I've still got in in the loft!!
  4. I need a phone to scan in restaurants and cafes etc. and to show the covid app. I dont need anything fancy - any recommendations would be appreciated
  5. There was one called Davies(Hallamshire) ltd. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s27203&action=zoom&pos=34&id=29613&continueUrl=
  6. I've had someone look at it and he says theres no hope. Very disappointed but to be honest I can't remember all the stuff thats on there so I can't miss it can I. I havent checked to see if its making a noise - no it isnt making any noise.
  7. Is it possible to retrieve the files from a damage external hard drive. The drive doesn't show up on my pc or may laptop so assuming its had it.
  8. I have borrowed my friends hard drive it works so I am of the opinion its the WD external drive. I now want to ask is it possible to recover files f rom a damaged drive
  9. I am using a Dell PC - the message comes up on every usb slot - so how would I plug a powered usb hub in.?
  10. I have tried all the ports - they are blue so I assume USB3. I am using a Dell Intel i3 and trying to open a WD element external hard drive. Also I have toshiba external hard drive and a WD passport external hard drive none are opening and the same message comes up - Power surge on USB port - Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I have followed the instructions on the message - reset etc. and restart computer but no luck still got the problem.
  11. the message says Power surge on USB port - Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I have used this external hard drive for my back ups for months - this message is new and strangely the hard drive doesnt show up when I open My PC
  12. I use an external hard drive but recently a message came up saying not enough power. What does this mean?
  13. Woodstock is close to Blenheim Palace, working with stone could he have been there!
  14. Town Collector is something to do with tax.
  15. I don't think so Shuttleworth is his first name.
  16. Not sure that's the same John Shutt - he left Autoways to go on the buses. He did have a couple of brothers Brian and Raymond.
  17. Thanks Joker but we solved the problem using google sheets.
  18. I am unable to open a file in my excel 2003 - I think its a 2007 file - any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated.
  19. I'm using Microsoft 10 and dont laugh but my mail was a blue icon with an envelope !!! Should I disable my anti virus and do a system restore. As my grandson never uses the pc can I remove the spanish 365 etc.
  20. I think 365 is something to do with my grandson! I didnt download it I have tried system restore but it freezes.
  21. I have uninstalled Microsoft 365 en-us in error for some reason this has removed my email program - any suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. Thank you been trying to remember yes it was Dewires
  23. Can anyone recall the name of a wholesale store just on the left at the bottom of Spital hill. I think it began with a D
  24. There appears to be another child Winston Solomon Seivwright born 1970 mothers maiden name is Scarborough - he died in 1970 - could this be one of yours. Joanne Lyn gives born 1972 mothers maiden name Clift
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