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  1. Apologies accepted I'm not that disheartened more disappointed but just saying most ponds have 30 pegs and theirs no combustion on what I've experienced on other ponds? If a ponds full then find another. Anyway it looks like I'm out then with not being in the areas involved. Shame really as I say and wish every fisherman a great year fishing.. ;-)
  2. abit unfair to those who dont live in these areas though..shame really..
  3. hello folk ive often drove past lovely pond on herries rd just past the large bridge for many years and thought to myself id love to fish that as it looks very beautiful and peaceful and with the looks of things with many people fishing on it,it must be good so i decided to drive in and ask. on entering i asked a oldish man in his 60s if it was possible for me to fish here and how much will it be for the year. he asked me what area im from and told him s35 and he said sorry only thes4, s5,s6 area can fish this pond. when i said please im local and always loved this pond and im willing to pay and stand to any rules as im a true fisherman and fished for many years and fish alone. he got abit harsh with me saying listen to me if i start letting people like you in from out of s4, s5,s6 they will all start coming in..answers no pal.. s4 s5 s6 only..after that i dont think i want to go back there now. but i find that really unfair to those local but not in s4, s5,s6 area unfair..should be fair play to all..just dont see the problem tbh..
  4. Yes I think I will. . £30 blimey thought it wouldn't be that expensive but still..need them doing. :0)
  5. Hi there I have recently invested in a mountain bike gt tempest 2.0. I know a little about bikes and I believe my back brake needs bleeding? Do any bycicle shops do this or can it be easy done. brake works but only a little fully pulled in. Any advice would be grateful. .
  6. Is there any were in Sheffield were I can take some old coins to see if there worth anything..?
  7. 15 metres though..wouldn't that do some big damaged to us all?
  8. May be wrong in the measurement but it was on the news
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