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  1. I was up in Sheffield last week having not been up regularly for a few months and could not believe just how quickly Stagecoach have mussled into the market. First's days could be numbered!
  2. I graduated on Wednesday and have been working in my chosen field for about 7 months now
  3. I got off lightly there, I ordered a laptop from them online, but had a change of heart the following day and rang up to cancel the order. Good job I did, cus the following week they were no more!
  4. So I assume they wont repair the roads until then, to ensure they get the money
  5. I wonder if Parkway traffic will be diverted up and down the sliproads by Mosborough Parkway when they start to resurface Sheffield Parkway....
  6. I think you've just opened a crate full of worms there, never mind a can...
  7. I like football, but childish arguing like what ive read on the last two pages is what puts me off it - especially the organised mobs, seriously how infantile is that? I dont actively support either team, but having watched the top of the championship table for the past few years, i'd sway towards united, but only slightly.
  8. I live near Bramall Lane and parking in the area is generally bad on a normal weekday, let alone a match day. Edmund Road is probably the worst - cars park on the pavement and right around junctions so my walk into uni is not a very safe one. Yes the club was there first, but cars weren't so popular in 1889 as they are now and I think United/Wednesday need to stump up some funds to provide extra parking, or park and ride facilities - United especially as they've now been promoted.
  9. I just hope that when they implement this stupid scheme, they at least resurface some of Ecclesall Road; its absolutely appalling round there, even by Sheffield standards. And you're right, people will turn off at the Pomona, which is a tiny road that cant cope - just like the overall road infrastructure for that matter.
  10. They're a yob's dream, all that glass.... I dont like them - at least the old ones had information about what stop you were at etc, which is more useful for visitors.
  11. Whoever's supplying your drugs has done you a good deal, strong stuff by the sounds of it...
  12. Granted i'm from a small town, where driving is easier, but I have no doubt that I can 'hack' it in the big scary nasty monstrous cities. No driver is perfect, but I am certainly competent and courteous. If it was up to me, i'd make people have part of their driving test in a city because there's many people who simply can't 'hack' the conditions. You're right though, the increasing lunacy of Sheffield's network is annoying people and I think the council must have some kind of special deal with the traffic light manufacturers because we cant get enough of the buggers! However, selfish and stupid driving can and does happen everywhere else. Its just worse here.
  13. In my three years living in Sheffield, there's one thing that really stands out about drivers in the city centre: - RED LIGHTS DONT MEAN A THING, LET ALONE ANYTHING ELSE I've driven in many other towns/cities in the UK and my experience is that the driving standards in Sheffield are, without doubt, the worst in the country. Red lights - They mean go dont they? Box junctions - There to be filled surely? Part time bus lanes - Yes, lets all queue in one lane for no good reason! Lane discipline - What are these white lines and words for? No place is perfect, and I know some driving instructors post on here, but seriously, the place is brimming with horrorific drivers. I was driving my friend home earlier, and he informed me that they are soon going to stop traffic turning right at the traffic lights between Wards Brewery and Kwik Fit on Ecclesall Road (that is traffic turning right from Ecc Rd onto whatever the smaller road is called). Part of me thought, "How stupid - the Moore Street roundabout is busy enough as it is, without all this extra traffic being forced upto it." However, another part thought "Well if people can't understand the basic concept of the red light meaning stop (which they clearly dont), then in the interests of safety, this is the right decision" Granted, they could use a filter light, but then we know they enjoy making life difficult for motorists here anyway (Woodseats, Meadowhead anyone...). But i'm digressing. RED LIGHTS MEAN STOP and far too many drivers using this city don't seem to have grasped that. I remember when there was that huge traffic jam in town in November I think - the one caused by the broken down bus. I was in it for over three hours whenever it was, but the broken down bus was just one of the causes. What was the other? Stupid and inconsiderate drivers blocking junctions and roundabouts so nobody could move anywhere and people trying to queue jump, causing jams behind them when they cant get in. In my letter to the Star, which was printed, I raised the point about bad driving being a factor. But of course, they didnt print that part, they were only interested in the part that slated the crap road network, or in other letters, slating First. There are many things I like about Sheffield and it was my first choice for uni. I'm glad to be here, but to coin a Family Guy phrase - the situation regarding the road infrastructure and drivers here "really grinds my gears". Think about it. :rant:
  14. Well the transport planner I met was a twerp - I just hope its the same person and there isn't loads of transporting twerps
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