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  1. I'm looking for recommendations for a plasterer that forum users have had to do work for them and would be happy to use again. I have a small box room, roughly 2 metres by 2 metres and need the ceilings and walls skimming, the room has already been boarded out. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your message. I'm sorted now thanks, the blocked drain took the toilet out of action as it was in the soil stack, so I called a drain company out in the end to come and sort it yesterday afternoon. I'll keep hold of your details though and will get in touch if I have a problem in the future. Thanks for getting back to me.
  3. Hello Rocky, could you send me your details please - I have a blocked drain.
  4. I have a leak on the external water supply pipe coming into our house. Yorkshire water have been out and dug down where the garage begins and cut and capped the pipe to check if the leak was under the drive, unfortunately it isn't and it's somewhere under the garage and as such doesn't qualify for a free repair. I now need the get the leak repaired, I am after someone who can come and cut through the concrete base, and excavate the soil to expose the leak, the pipe is about 40cms down. I am happy to repair the leak myself and do the reinstatement if this makes much of a difference to the price. Does anyone have any recommendations on someone who may be able to do the work? Cheers.
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