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  1. Seems your not alone, this is what one wants
  2. If anyone is interested and not engrossed in the current episode of "The Odd Couple" above you might like to lookhere
  3. or Happy Hysterical Rectum Day (national flash yer ass day)
  4. Come on Chaps and Chapesses they did get some predictions right: Show's top 10 1. Breathalyser test, 1967 2. Computer banking, 1969 3. Pocket calculator, 1971 4. Digital watch, 1972 5. Personal stereo, 1980 6. Compact disc, 1981 7. Camcorder, 1981 8. Barcode reader, 1983 9. Clockwork radio, 1993 10. Mouse with human ear, 1995
  5. Was that the man with the pipe? always said "Ill see" and came back with exactly what you wanted..a real Aladdins cave
  6. Nah then ya young whippersnapper go and play in your own yard or ill tell thi mum
  7. We are lucky, I can rememember my Dad at my age and our parents generation were made to feel old before their time. I still have a passion for life but as you say the GOOD nights take a little longer to recover from.
  8. So..in a question of arses which arse would you prefer?
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