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  1. I've just discovered these two awesome Canadian post-rock bands will be gracing the stage at Corporation on the 2nd and 18th of May respectively. Firstly, this seems an odd choice of venue! I normally don't even check who's on at Corp as the bands who play are mostly emo, punk and metal - not my thing by a long way. Secondly - anybody else going? I'm a 1st year student at Hallam and don't know that many people here at all, I certainly don't know anyone who'd be willing to spend a tenner to see unfamiliar, obtuse, experimental bands with me! Would be nice to find someone to go with tho I'm definitely going even if I end up going on my own...
  2. Decided to sell them on ebay... This forum won't let me add a link cos i'm new, but if anyone wants tickets there are definitely 2 for sale on ebay by a non-tout at a starting price that's less than I paid. Just search for for 'REGINA SPEKTOR TICKETS SHEFFIELD' on ebay.co.uk and you'll find them.
  3. I mean I know few people who share my taste in music, therefore no ReSpekt fans whatsoever! Only got into her stuff a few months ago myself to be honest, but love it! I'm a 23 y/o first year student in halls and the people around me aren't people who share much or any of my tastes. I keep endinh up at rubbish dancey poppy club nights that bore me to tears, I'm lucky I know a grand total of two people who will occasionally go to more interesting places and indie nights. I'm certainly looking for people with similar tastes to go to gigs with, I hate going alone and end up missing plenty of stuff I want to see at the leadmill and octagon etc.
  4. Excellent. Just let me know ASAP. Otherwise I'm going to try sticking them on ebay. Would prefer not to do that tho, feels tout-ish even tho it's not!
  5. Hi. I have two tickets to the gig... but i've little use for them. My gf, now my ex-gf, was coming to visit me to see the gig. But we split up. I'm a fan, but I can't find anyone to come with me - I know precisely zero other Spektor fans! So if you want both tickets - I'll sell them cost price or a little lower. If you need one and don't care about a random stranger as a companion that's cool too - i'd still like to go... Ed
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