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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts.. I was thinking specifically of Xmas Eve rather than the decline of the pub in general. That's another story.. though there are plenty of pubs that are full throughout the year. It's definitely not for me, but West Street is rammed every weekend but closes at 6 tonight.. that was my main gist. True.. maybe Xmas Eve has just shifted to " mad Friday".. which never used to be a thing.. probably a good thing.. as for about ten years I was too hungover to enjoy my Xmas dinner!
  2. When I were't lad and first starting going to the pub (mid 80s) Christmas Eve was the second biggest night of the year (NYE being the big one). Places were rammed and busy local pubs would lock their doors early when they were full. That doesnt really seem to happen so much any more. I usually meet a few friends after work (slacking off early) on Xmas eve and many of the city centre pubs close at 6pm. That suits me fine these days - but I was curious when/why things changed?
  3. I enjoyed the guide - good work! Its been strange seeing Kelham change so much, but its good to see life in the area... though the last year has seen maybe too much life in the area.. I wouldnt say it was a trendy crowd - if anything seems to be a bit older folk who maybe went down West st 10 or 20 years ago. Also can be a bit of a culture clash - like in the Gardeners on Saturdays with groups of lads getting the lagers in much to the horror of the bar staff.. I've never seen the pub so full!
  4. I cannot believe that *anyone* thinks it was accidental that the day after Wales beat Ireland at Rugby, the Welsh flag was flown on St Patricks day. Its pretty obvious someone Welsh works at the Town Hall and has done a great job of winding folk up.
  5. If you stand in the middle of the current Foundary venue and were transported back in time 40 years to the exact same spot you'd be stood in the middle of the Lower Refec (tory). Various extensions and refurbs have been done over the decades, and its now a lot bigger, but not tall - as the roof was lowered at the same time they got rid of the balcony. I recall the time the MIssion played in the lower refec in 86 ish and there were about 1300-1400 people squeezed in there thanks to some creative fire capacity calculations - not long after the council brought the capacity down to a more sensible 750.
  6. A twist to the tale is the decline in gigs at the University (Or SU) can be attributed to one of their ex-students. I was a student there in the late 80s and it was quite common to have at least 5+ gigs in a week across the maze bar, lower refec and octagon. Promoters liked the venues, and Sheffield was still on the major touring circuit. Simon Moran, who was a year or two older than me at Shef Uni, started putting on gigs and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when the Madchester thing kicked off, set up SJM concerts who have since grown to be one of, if not, the biggest promotion companies in the land. One of his many business ventures was being involved in the Academy chain - who bought up the old Roxy and turned it into the 02 Academy, and now the majority of gigs that would have gone through the student union are put on at the 02.
  7. If people are buying, then yes. If not, then no. Most outrageous drinks price i heard was when Gatecrasher did a last minute event at the Plug recently and a can of Red Stripe was £7. I'd imagine Gatecrasher was running the bar, as they're the only ones to have the cheek to do that.
  8. I'm surprised so many people think rape is funny.
  9. Its changed managment already - but I think they're looking to have a proper launch in early November
  10. Anyone else see the start of what seems to be the Xmas decorations up in town? There's quite a few large gift boxes now hanging from lamp posts and in the Peace Gardens- and its still 3 weeks until Bonfire night... its just wrong!
  11. There's a lot of building work being done to the old Victorian toilet at commonside.. anyone know what it's going to be?
  12. Donald Trump did not come to Sheffield - but certainly showed himself to be a wasteman - so I think the Lord Mayor called it correctly. .
  13. I'd imagine he'll move onto bigger and better things. I'm curious why you think he's on the road to z list celebrity status - and not on a national political platform? Presumably the sombrero was visual shorthand - he understands what works in the modern age, when - for right or wrong - people have very short attention spans when flicking through social media. I think its top Trump trolling.
  14. You're doing better than me in recalling other Lord Mayors
  15. I love how the Lord Mayor is trolling all these reactionary folk - and they are falling for it. I'm sure he is well aware he hasn't got the powers to ban anyone. It's not like Trump has never spun a yarn... Strangely not much comment on whether Trump is a wasteman. I presume everyone agrees that he is? BTW Can anyone name a single previous Lord Mayor? Unless they worked with them or are related to them - i doubt it very much.
  16. I'm genuinely curious as to which pubs combine the two!
  17. I also prefer the Broadfield (and lots of other pubs) - but to be fair the Brewdog is aimed at a different demographic and seems to do well - so fair enough. I'm not sure Brew dog would be a good place for a first date (as originally asked) - more somewhere to go with your mates.
  18. Always good to hear decent live music to put a spring in your step .
  19. I think she was arrested for taking the p*ss more than anything. As i said - I'm broadly in favour of a lot of the protesters aims - but she hasnt done them any favours if even I think the copper was in the right.
  20. I've seen the footage. I'm broadly in favour of lot of the tree protestors aim - but to be honest she asked for it. The police & security seem to have generally well behaved and patient. There's a lot of middle class folk who've never been told no before. God knows who they'd have coped with "old fashioned" policing
  21. I presume you're not familiar with Manchester. Try walking from Manchester city centre to the country and see how long that takes !
  22. I think a lot of Sheffield's and its people's character has to do with its history. Sheffield was a heavy industrial city which meant most people were workers with only a few at the top running things. It didn't have the large middle class that cities like Manchester or Leeds had. So (virtually) everyone was in things together - which probably accounts for the friendliness (as well as its traditional left wing leanings). Since then there been a big influx of people coming to study and never leaving. Though if you're a go-getting/career focused type person, you're probably going to elsewhere. Personally what is good about it is also what its lacking. Its a laid back sort of place, which is good in some ways - its not in your face like Manchester. The flip side is that things don't happen in the same way as they do in Manchester or Leeds. I've always liked it because people a friendly, its big enough for stuff to go on, but it doesnt feel like a big city, plus its green and easy to get into the countryside.
  23. Magazine in targeting its audience shocker! The paper with all the working mens clubs dates/events doesn't tend to sell in the Forum either. Horses for course etc
  24. I was curious if you were thinking of advertising in them, or even setting up a similar listings magazine. As I said earlier - I think they're both good local listings magazines. They're never going to have the production values of national magazines - but if you compare them to local listings mags in other cities - they do a good job. I've always enjoyed the artwork in Now Then. If that's not your thing - fair enough - but given the magazine is free - no one's really lost out.
  25. Any particular reason why you were asking who reads them?
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