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  1. i'm pretty old but last time i was in the yorskshiremans i felt positively young.. but it was full of people drinking.. so no doubt a business model somewhere for OAP rockers drinking loads of beer
  2. Plenty of pubs doing well selling decent beer. The *trad* pubs with carling and john smiths are struggling as you can buy generic beer so much cheaper in the supermarket.
  3. if all the people on this thread moaning about the show being pulled, had bought a ticket, i'm sure it would still be going ahead. It had hardly sold any tickets and the controversy was manufactured to cover that
  4. Did the doors not open until 8? or were the act not on until 8? if it was the act that were on at 8 - doesnt seem unusual
  5. Big shows tend to sell more earlier on, particularly over the last few decades with the growth of on line tickest - if i was the promoter and had only sold 300 tickets for a city hall show, i'd be worried, even if it wasnt until early next year. Of course it *could* just be coincidence that loads of lefty snowflakes campaigned for a show to be cancelled that wasnt selling well, and then got lots of publicity for Chubby Brown...
  6. Turns out he'd sold 300 tickets for his show (in a 2000+ capacity venue) - maybe it just coincidence that this show got pulled. But given how many other times he's played at the City Hall without any problems, it looks likes his management orchestrated the fuss to cover the cancelling due to poor ticket sales.
  7. I can recall going there maybe mid 90s? Random selection of folk upstairs including lots of international students and good atmosphere. Trippets was another late venue - no one cared when they just served wine and they stayed open until whenever. But when they started serving beer, it got busier and other bars dobbed them in. Think they got a proper late license after that. It seems strange now that busy city centre pubs would shut at 11pm on a weekend - but other than club or curry, your options were limited if you wanted a city centre drink after 11. (though obviously lots of local lock ins)
  8. It'd be very unusual for an arena to do in house bookings. Generally when an act gets to arena level - they'll be using the same promoter for the whole tour. Regardless of size of venues - outside promotions are just a safer bet for the venue - you get the hire cash and concesssion cash without the hassle of worrying about tickets sales.
  9. Fair point .. From recall - since the Arena has opened the MEN (though Gmex was open previously), Leeds Arena and Nottingham Arena have all opened reasonably near. For a whole host of reasons, Sheffield tends to be a secondary city for promoters. When the Arena opened - not every city had an arena which meant promoters would use Sheffield arena. Now every big city has an arena - so not that many gigs come through.
  10. I used to go in lots in the 00s when a city centre pub with a good selection of beer was still quite a novelty. It was a good place to meet as it was central, big with lot of seats and had a mixed varied crowd. Main downside was how loud it was - due to there being nothing to soak up the sound. I havent been in much since the refurb, whcih always struck me as a bit odd - i'm not sure who they were aiming at. I suppose its rare i go into town these days - i wonder how much they lost their trade to kelham island or all the pubs a mile or two out of town with decent beer. Still sad to see it go - but dare say someone else will take it over
  11. It must be the only chippie in Manchester that doenst sell (steak n kidney) puddings! Though it's a good rule of thumb - the shorter the menu the better the chip shop. Or even more so - the shorter the opening hours, the better the chip shop.
  12. Thanks for all your thoughts.. I was thinking specifically of Xmas Eve rather than the decline of the pub in general. That's another story.. though there are plenty of pubs that are full throughout the year. It's definitely not for me, but West Street is rammed every weekend but closes at 6 tonight.. that was my main gist. True.. maybe Xmas Eve has just shifted to " mad Friday".. which never used to be a thing.. probably a good thing.. as for about ten years I was too hungover to enjoy my Xmas dinner!
  13. When I were't lad and first starting going to the pub (mid 80s) Christmas Eve was the second biggest night of the year (NYE being the big one). Places were rammed and busy local pubs would lock their doors early when they were full. That doesnt really seem to happen so much any more. I usually meet a few friends after work (slacking off early) on Xmas eve and many of the city centre pubs close at 6pm. That suits me fine these days - but I was curious when/why things changed?
  14. I enjoyed the guide - good work! Its been strange seeing Kelham change so much, but its good to see life in the area... though the last year has seen maybe too much life in the area.. I wouldnt say it was a trendy crowd - if anything seems to be a bit older folk who maybe went down West st 10 or 20 years ago. Also can be a bit of a culture clash - like in the Gardeners on Saturdays with groups of lads getting the lagers in much to the horror of the bar staff.. I've never seen the pub so full!
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