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  1. ^^^ yup, you footie fans are NEVER happy!! Lol Good comeback Blades, jeeezo!!!
  2. Don't know what's happening. Just posting this as a helpful warning. Our bus has just had to turn back, then get onto Chesterfield Road.
  3. Couldn't get a ticket so a draw would be nice so that I can HOPEFULLY get one for the home game!! I'm going to do a wishful prediction of 1-1. Come on!!!!!!
  4. 2-1 to the Blades. Come on, pleeeasse!!! :-D
  5. If you watch ITV HD then you see the Hull version.
  6. I know it's across Sheffield, but there's a poster up in Broomhill about a lost Pug, I didn't read it properly as I wss just passing through, but I'm sure it said to contact the South Sea pub in Broomhill. Might be worth ringing them, incase it was pinched/got on a bus (you never know!!)
  7. I saw it from the motorway, was really worried as it was so low and heading for Sheffield!
  8. I was there too, he did struggle a bit. I really felt for him at times! And for what it's worth, I'm a Blade.
  9. I love the Greystones but we avoid it on a Friday night for this very reason now. Not against children being allowed in, but too many and too late for my liking!!
  10. Yeeeessssssssssssssssssss!! Brilliant game, loved it. What an atmosphere, and a totally deserved win. WOW
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