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  1. thanku very much love i will try this way before i go insane...big thanks again...Tracey xx
  2. can anyone help me please with my wireless connection????its making me crazy...i cannot get it to work...i have bought a new laptop and it worked for the first 3 days but then it wont let me connect with wireless...many thanks...Tracey..xx
  3. i know g ail she married kevin nuttall....but i didnt see her for a very long time,i was at earl marshal between 77 and 81 and i survived...how i dont know but i did....would love to catch up if anyone remembers me...Tracey Monaghan..xx
  4. hi,i would love to speak with u when u have time....maybe we know eachother...i wasnt in the 6th form...but im a bit clever:D
  5. i cant see the line and the text love...im not sure how or why this here because i didnt write this.. but no problem...its true... thanku for yr help love very much...
  6. strix im sorry but im confussed too......im new to forum today...i have just registered like it said and Katie helped me.....but i dont understand what u mean....im sorry
  7. Katie im going to make a cake now love....so i will see u tomorrow...take care...and thanku..xxx
  8. Katie u r wonderful love....big thanks to u...i have pasted it and its working....wowwwwi have learnt so much today...i will be a pc technician soon...
  9. hi love, i called the police and local authorities and dog wardens and animal shelters,he had his harness and collar on when he went but i didnt have him chipped...:(but i will look this page love so big thanku.xx
  10. Katie thanku so much...i will learn if i dont go insane first.. i will send u pics then u will have my e mail address too,thanku love...xxbut i will send tomorrow because i need to get my son to download them on to my laptop,..xx
  11. Katie pls forgive me...but what is pm ????im new to forum and internet things....im getting old:loopy: xx
  12. many thanks...i will try now, it worked....what is yr name pls?i lived on Hinde House Crescent before ...
  13. hi Danielle,thanks love ...im hoping i find him too....i miss him so much....xx
  14. i will look and thanks very much,how do i get emoticons pls??this forum thing is new to me....i survived but mentally impaired))))
  15. yes I have tried this but its expensive to join,...i just thought maybe i would try here...im new to this site today so im learning much....this site very good and i enjoy reading other peoples views on topics...but thanks for yr time...xx
  16. you are so kind....i have joined sheffield forum new today because i miss him so much,he had a harness and collar but he was not microchipped(((i think i will need help with photo pls...i didnt do anything like this before...so many thanks to u...my name is Tracey....I think yrs is Katie...)))I want to edit my profile but i cant find how to do...can u help me pls??thanku
  17. yes i know what u mean....just looking for some old friends...
  18. our door came open and he ran out..we looked for him for days...i think yes someone has got him now and i think maybe now its very late, he is a very good dog and is still only a pup ..i have all his papers and photos of him.....i have registered with the site u have just sent me....so maybe i will hear something....thanku so much
  19. thanku so much for yr help....
  20. my English Bull Terrier has gone missing in December last year...i have called all animal help lines and the police but i havent heard from them since....he is black and white and has a very small brindle colour,he is 14 months old,he went missing in the Dyke Vale Road,Hackenthorpe area...i hope there is someone out there that can help me.....big thanks if u can...i miss him so much....
  21. hi..any one from the Old Earl Marshal school?i left there 1981....
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