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  1. I tried to deliver a parcel to someone the other month they werent in so i tried the neighbours house....couldnt beleved who answered the door - Mrs.Harvey (tree trunk legs) shes retired now but says she phones Mr.Palmer and some of the other teachers
  2. For me it was The empire strikes back at the Gaumont
  3. Richardsons at F/Park are great they even cut it for you
  4. I went to Asda yesterday about half 4 and had no problems getting what i wanted (even managed to park ok).....I think at this time of year with some people stocking up til easter your going to have times in the day when the shelves are empty
  5. I had the pleasure of Mr.Whitbread's Jesus sandal whizzing pass my head in the late 80's when i wasnt paying attention...
  6. you could also argue about the people that park in parent n child bays but obviously dont have any kids with them!!
  7. i drive a 7.5 ton truck and always have difficulty on this stretch of Herries Road and on occasion may have hit a wing mirror or two on the parked cars....Although they shouldnt be parked there so they only have themselves to blame if they get a ticket or get damaged....situation gets no easier when you turn onto to Norwood near the bus stops
  8. regarding the lights on the slip road at J33 M1 southbouond all its going to do is snarl up the rounabout at the top of the Parkway!!
  9. I Went to Mansel nursery,infants then primary but went to Chaucer instead of Yewlands with the majority
  10. Mr.Crowe and Mr.Glover when I was at Chaucer School early 90's
  11. You wanna listen to somebody from Barnsley!! (you dont really!)
  12. Give this a try; http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,5879,00.html
  13. Are they just the normal curried ones or the new range tikka flavoured or something
  14. The MK1 is great little car.I used to have a blue 950cc Fiesta (CUA 56 Y) it ran out of test (floor needed replacing) so I parked it up at my mates.About a month later I went on holiday for 3weeks.On my 3rd day away I phoned home to find that the South yorkshire housing association were'nt happy about the extra car on his drive and told him it had to be moved within 7days.I wasnt about to do anything about it so it ended up being taken by the scrap man.
  15. Top Gear Have I got news for you WWe Traffic cops F1 Touring cars Match of the day World snooker championships Sky news World darts championships Ali G Star trek voyager MTV dance Little britain (sometimes) Shooting stars
  16. Ad mag is free....0114 2780000 or do it online at; http://www.admag.co.uk/
  17. Give trading standards a call and see what they say....or just shop at Argos!!
  18. Doncaster int singing any more!!! Come on lads lets get promotion
  19. Every couple of days or so....more if I'm bored!!
  20. I pop in from time to time to check my pm box and to see whats been talked about but dont make a bee line for the forum as soon as I turn my pc on.
  21. What a stupid idea...Are we aiming to be the new South Africa!
  22. I sometimes do 'sing' and scare other road users or pedestrians!
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