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  1. From a West Brom point of view most fans don't feel we perform well away from home, draws away at Birmingham, Forest and a narrow defeat at Middlesborough disguised that we should have been beaten comfortably and would have been if those clubs had taken their chances. Our win at Norwich was at the expense of conceding three ourselves. I suspect this is the game we get found out. Of note Brunt and Barry seem to be alternating in centre midfield at the moment. Barry played on Saturday so I wonder if Brunt was asked which game he wanted. Sadly centre mid does not flatter him but I am sure he will be welcomed back should he start, all be it with a collective sigh of frustration from the away end (approaching 400 appearances and a total of 50 premier league assists doesn't count for much these days).
  2. Irvine is fairly certain to go now after the West Ham game. Rumours that West Brom also know exactly who they want in his place but don't want the new couch to start with a probable loss to the Hammers. Irvine is popular with the players and the Chairman but ultimately needed to win far more games and be far less negative to win over the fans. Part of me feels sorry for him but this is only going one way.
  3. I anticipate he will retire one day to Torquay to run his own hotel.
  4. I am fairly sure I encountered this man a couple of summers ago. I recall at the time thinking there couldn't be a ruder person in all Castleton that day. That is until I heard my own voice denouncing his overpriced produce, condemning his insistence on our purchasing something more then tea and a scone and vowing to neither buy anything nor to ever return. Which I never did until 20 minutes later when I realised I'd left my glasses behind. I could sense his air of triumph as I meekly asked him if such were the case and he passed them over to me. I wasn't in a hurry to put them on.
  5. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/celtic-game-set-go-ahead-2054436
  6. How they must be looking forward to Celtic's visit on Wednesday evening.
  7. Clearly Jimmy Carr left his moral compass at home and deserves little sympathy. Cameron, however, appears to have lost his political compass altogether. He is now being portrayed as at best selective in his criticism of tax avoidance, at worst hypocritical. I'm sure the media will delight in a post-Levison world where the heat can be turned back on to politicians. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will be scrutinising every politician, party funders, clingers, friends and celeb supporters for their tax history. BskyB anybody? I suspect it is going to get very mucky out there in a lose-lose world. I don't recall when we last had such a talentless group of politicians, more focused on what they think the public want to hear then offering any leadership? Cameron to be fair could still make it as a comedian if a vacancy arises in the near future at Channel 4.
  8. Sounds like Jonas Olsson will be pursuing his favorite pass time this evening of winding up Andy Carroll.
  9. I totally agree with you on this.
  10. I totally concur with this. I think the law needs to fall down hard on these cases, both in protecting the rights of this individual victim and in consideration that there needs to be confidence in this law for rape victims in general. It is intolerable that women who have been the victim of such a traumatic crime might be put off pursuing justice because of the way other victims have been treated. If one other victim is put off reporting an attack because of this breach of anonymity then it is potentially one more rapist escaping justice and at worst potentially more victims. This law is not and nor should be about a moral verdict on each individual victim. No one has the right to judge. It is about making it possible for a very vulnerable group of people to find a way of finding justice before the law.
  11. Tony I really don't come here to trade insults, if you do that is your prerogative. You do however seem determined to avoid my question. So lets just remind ourselves of what you said: Now lets put the question in its simplest form. If a course of action by John Major led to the removal of terrorists and many hundreds of lives spared is it not de facto implied that if Major had not take the action you credit him with that those lives would not have been spared and those terrorists not removed? Its not a question of responsibility it really is just a yes or no answer. If you can answer the question then do so. If not just have the good grace and dignity to admit you can't.
  12. Undoubtedly the first thoughts should always be with the victim and anyone who would use this as stick to beat unitedites is doing a disservice to the victim. We had something of this at West Brom when we were promoted in 2003/2004 and Lee Hughes chipped in with 12 goals while waiting for prosecution. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth as a fan. You are disgraced by what these people have done. What suffering they have caused and the arrogance that surrounds them. You loathe the association with your club. But overwhelmingly football fans are usually decent, hard working people and from all walks of life and what they dislike most is the hurt these people have caused to someone. Without getting into the debate about Evans' contract Hughes had his contract (with 2 years remaining and at a transfer cost of 2.5 million) terminated the same afternoon as his prosecution.
  13. Its not a 'huge intellectual statement' its really very easy. My point again: If Thatcher could have saved lives why didn't she? (I'm not quite sure why you don't understand that by saying Major chose to save lives your implication is that Thatcher didn't) If it helps I'll give you a clue. Your ludicrous claim that the end of terrorism in Ireland is down simply to some heroic solo effort by Major is basically nonsense. To be sure he deserves some credit given the previous administration but there were multiple factors coming together that made peace possible. I'm guessing you have made a point about something without not really having much insight in to it, so a piece of advice: If something sounds politically absurd and naive it usually is.
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