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  1. Yes my parents are selling it at Auction Tuesday 30th January http://www.markjenkinson.co.uk/auctions/tuesday-30th-january-2018/display/Farfield+Inn%2C+376+Neepsend+Lane%2C+Sheffield-%7C-2521#lot
  2. 5 very different bands in 5 hours - in support of local youngsters. Ralph Salt Jazz will be headlining #Saltstock featuring Shaun Ward world class funky bass player (formerly Simply Red) and guest jazz vocalist Aaron Keith Stewart, former singer with the three time Grammy Award winning group the Sounds Of Blackness. This charity event is to raise funds for new instruments/equipment for Concord Youth Music, a Sheffield based youth charity that have been providing local youngsters an education in music, movement and dance for over 30 years! This fantastic organisation provides the next generation of local musicians, so please show your support! #Saltstock will take place on Friday the 23rd of June from 730pm until late at the Hillsborough Arena (Hillsborough Arena) Middlewood Rd, Sheffield, S6 4HA. Tickets need to be purchased in advance and are £8 for Adults and £5 for Children and can be purchased by messaging me through the facebook page Ralph Salt Jazz direct from our online ticket Site: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/saltstock All proceeds go to direct to the charity. There will be a late bar and snacks will be available to be purchased throughout the evening. The line up includes: Ralph Salt Jazz - 5 piece up tempo swing jazz/jazz funk band & guests – Featuring world class bassist Shaun Ward (Formerly Simply Red and special guest Aaron Keith Stewart, originally from Parsons, Kansas is a jazz singer & former member of the three time Grammy Award group the Sounds Of Blackness. In addition to singing, he is the founder & CEO of Paradise Hill Productions, a philanthropic music management & booking agency based in Minneapolis. Ralph Salt Jazz Bailey Street - 4 piece indie-rock, pop and blues band featuring Concord’s own Sam Heeley (2017 young drummer of the year finalist). The band have enjoyed developing their own sound and material particularly over the last year and recently were delighted to have their track “New World Calling” played on BBC Introducing. Bailey Street Tin Soldiers - 15 piece big band – comprising of Sheffield drum corps alumni playing some well-known classics such as: “Big Noise from Winnetka” and “The House of the Rising Sun”. Tin Soldiers Bluesmouse - London based singer guitarist playing rock/blues classics. Bluesmouse Feels Wright - Female duo singer/guitarist. Who enjoy writing and performing their own music as well as performing well-known covers from bands such as Coldplay and Panic! At The Disco. Feels Wright A fantastic night of entertainment and all for a great cause.
  3. Hi yes, My father is the owner. How can I help you?
  4. Many thanks for your replies and suggestions. I am taking my mum, wife and two little kids so I am trying to balance price and journey distance into London once parked. I came across this web site where people rent out their drives http://www.parkatmyhouse.com/ . I have found a spot in oval for £6.50 a night (behind gates), and a 20 minute tube to my final destination. I was going to park at a tube but wasn't sure if there would be spots available once down there. This seems to be the best solution for me and thought that I would share the web site. Please note some of the shopping centre suggestions above are probably good for the day, but you are not suppose to park there 24 hours and you could be a risk of been clamped. Best Wishes, Saltstein
  5. I am looking to do the same trip as everyone else. I'm just wondering as it has been some time since there was activity on this subject whether the same places apply? Or can anyone suggest other / new places. I am basically looking to park my card from Sunday through to Wednesday at the beginning of April. The main criteria is that it is safe, cheap, and easy access to London on a train / tube. Many Thanks,
  6. I am now in the market for some new kitchen doors, since the last post on this thread was some time a go, can anyone update me where I can buy cheap kitchen doors from? Regards, James
  7. Thanks to everyone for the advice and good wishes. The car has now been found. Apparently all in the space of 1.5 hours I left my car outside a friends house, someone smashed a window, the police came by and to avoid any extra vandalism had their contractors to take it to a compound for safe keeping! However, it took the police from the early hours of Thursday evening until Friday afternoon to inform me. Despite me making several calls to police station asking for news on what I originally thought was a theft! Now I have to wait until Tuesday morning before I can get my car from the compound because of the bank holiday. I asked the kind lady officer at woodseats police station if there would be a charge to release my car from the compound. She says not, but if there is, I should complain to the police and request a refund. I appreciate that the police had good intensions looking after the interest of my car, but I recon it is a little harsh that within 1.5 hours from parking up my car it then gets taken to a compound. I have to chuckle ... it was the police that pinched my car .... lol Best Wishes, saltstein
  8. I have had my sonic blue rover 25 stolen between 10pm and 12:50am this evening (Thursday 20th of March). It was stolen from Constable road Gleadless, I spent the evening visiting a friend. If anyone has seen the car or has any information about it I would really appreciate a private message. Many Thanks, Saltstein
  9. You may laugth, but all I can say is watch this space .....
  10. Thank you for the information, my friends maiden name is Overend and her fathers name was Leonard who worked at Henry Mathews timber merchant and told my friend about the school and the information you have all given me has helped my friend fill in a few gaps in her family tree. Many Thanks, Saltstein
  11. A friend of mine would like to know the following if anyone could help: What year was the school in the Wicker built and who was the first headmaster? It was possible that it was a boys school and the headmasters name could have been "Overend", we would like clarification of this. It is thought that some streets in Gleadless are named after him. Many Thanks in advance, Saltstein
  12. I am a private letting agent. I manage around 20 houses and my rate is 10%. I can provide references on request. If you would like to discuss my services further please contact me using the following details: rkj.properties@virgin.net mob: 07793 634358
  13. "Golden Lee" Top chinese restaurant on London road and their prices are very reasonable. Better quality food than a buffet, we visit at least once a month.
  14. You could go and see my old man play (Ralph Salt) at the checkers at Wiston, Rotherham. He plays there with a trio (Piano, bass and drums) every Wednesday night. The music starts when he arrives at about 9pm. Admission is free. Regards, Saltstein
  15. My house is opposite the school, I heard a few bangs around midnight as I was watching the "Tyson V williams" repeat on sky, I went to make a cup of tea and noticed the whole school was a blaze! I turned the TV off (as I have already seen the fight) and got a ring side seat watching the fire. The school lit the whole playing field up, a mindless arson attack, but a specticale to watch. Regards, Saltstien
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